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God is not touched by qualities exhibited

A cotton shirt is colored, but – it is colorless on bleaching, similarly
The soul or pure awareness – becomes qualities in vibrated state.
When the soul is stand still – without any vibration, it is untouched.
When it is vibrated, it is touched – by the vibrations, called as Jeeva.
Vibrated water is not changed – chemically but changed physically.
Change or no change is based – on the angle of apparent or real.
But in the case of God, there is – no physical or chemical change due to
Vibrations or qualities of soul – in which God is embedded in incarnation.

Soul and vibrations are imaginable, - God is totally unimaginable.
If you say that the soul is not – touched by the qualities exhibited,
It is a matter of view of its state, - but God is untouched always.
The cotton threads in the shirt – are colored but on bleaching become
Colorless, but the person in - the shirt is never colored by the shirt.
Even the colorless shirt cannot – decolorize the color of the person.  
Similarly God is neither good nor bad – He is only just unimaginable.
Good and bad are the colors or - qualities of awareness or soul only.
The shirt on bleaching becomes – colorless and this is Nirguna Atman.
The person cannot be bleached, - God is not Nirguna also.
Saguna or coloring and Nirguna – or bleaching applies to shirt only
And not to the person in shirt, - God is beyond Saguna and Nirguna.

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All worldly bonds appear blissful but really they are forms of worry only http://krishnatalk.com/discussion/1914/all-worldly-bonds-appear-blissful-but-really-they-are-forms-of-worry-only Wed, 20 Dec 2017 06:19:52 -0500 dattaswami1 1914@/discussions All worldly bonds appear blissful but really they are forms of worry only
Worldly things sources of worry and tension only

The value of God can be understood – from the bliss you get by
Simply remembering Him, - what will be bliss of His presence?
What will be bliss when you – become God in human incarnation?
Then what is His real value? – When you get bliss directly by
Remembering Him, why should you – ask for worldly things to get
Bliss from them? In fact, they are – sources of worry and tension only.
A mirage never contains water in it – water is illusion in it, similarly
All worldly bonds appear blissful – through illusion and really they are
Forms of worry only, - Jesus praised a beggar surrendering a rupee
In the church announcing – that God is pleased with that sacrifice.
A rich man came for salvation to Him, - Jesus told him to sacrifice all
The wealth possessed by him – and then only come for salvation.
Both these indicate that God’s price – is total sacrifice, total surrender,
Which is not the actual price, - but is the maximum possible price.
Omniscient God knows even tiny – vibration of every thought of you!

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God can enter two human bodies at a time http://krishnatalk.com/discussion/1913/god-can-enter-two-human-bodies-at-a-time Wed, 20 Dec 2017 06:07:59 -0500 dattaswami1 1913@/discussions God can enter two human bodies at a time

When God becomes the human incarnation, He enters into a human body as said in the Gita (Manusheem Tanumasritam). The word asritam means the entrance of God into the human body. Another verse in the Gita clearly states that God is not modified into the human body which means that God has not become the human body (Avyaktam vyakti mapannam). The current entered the wire but the current is not modified into the wire. The current has not become the wire. If God became the human body, God should also perish when the human body perishes. When the divine work is over, God exits the human body. When the Lord left the body of Krishna, it was cremated by Arjuna as said in Bhagavatam. Therefore, you should not think that a particular human being is God. God has not become that human being. God only entered that human being. God can enter any human being provided the human being is eligible for His entrance and is suitable to His work. God can enter two human bodies at a time for two different works.

The fan is moving and at the same time the electric bulb is glowing simultaneously. The same current has entered the fan to give air and entered the bulb to give light simultaneously. God entered Rama and Hanuman simultaneously. Through Rama God wanted to show the path of ideal human being (Pravrutti) and through Hanuman God wanted to show the path of practical devotion (Nivrutti). The first criterion for His entrance is eligibility which can be achieved through practical devotion. The proof of love is only service as said in the Veda (Sayuja Sakhaya, Kurvanneveha). The second criterion is the suitable efficiency for the specified divine work. The fan is suitable to give the air but is not suitable to give the light. The bulb is suitable to give the light but not the air. Between these two, eligibility is more important than suitability. If you want to select a person for a job in your office, you must give importance to eligibility first and then only to suitability.

If the candidate has good character without corruption, he is eligible to your service. The talent required for your service can be developed in him by giving a short training. Even if the candidate is suitable with already acquired talent, he should not be selected if he is corrupt. He is suitable but not eligible. Therefore, God selects the human body of a devotee which is eligible by practical devotion. In such case even if the talent is absent, God will grant the talent in a moment by His grace. Therefore, to reach the divine knowledge God selects a particular eligible human being. Such selected human being becomes a scholar in no time by His grace.

 Even though several scholars exist who are suitable for His divine work, He will not select them because such corrupt scholars are not eligible. Jesus selected the eligible fishermen to propagate the knowledge but not the corrupt priests who were suitable to the work. Any country develops by selecting eligible candidates and by giving them suitable training for the profession. Therefore, the education must give eligibility and the specific department should give required training. Eligibility comes only by spiritual knowledge. Today the education is giving suitability only from the beginning and forgets imparting the eligibility at any stage. This mistake in the education is responsible for the fall of India. The fruits of programmes of the Government are not reaching the needy people due to corrupt officials, who are selected by the only criterion of suitability that is imparted from their childhood.
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All do not have the ability to identify the human incarnation http://krishnatalk.com/discussion/1912/all-do-not-have-the-ability-to-identify-the-human-incarnation Tue, 19 Dec 2017 05:38:05 -0500 dattaswami1 1912@/discussions All do not have the ability to identify the human incarnation

The second address of God is the real devotee as said by the sage Narada in the Bhaktisutra (Tanmayaa hi te).

The Lord identifies Himself with His real devotee also

Your service should be to alive items only and not to the inert items

Cheating the devotees in the name of the Lord is very bad sin

The Lord is pleased with your direct service to Himself through the human incarnation since the service reaches Him directly

The Lord is more pleased with your service to His devotees, though it is indirect

Your service should be to living and not to non-living

Question) Your knowledge also stresses on the service in the mission of propagation of knowledge & sacrifice to alive human incarnation for pleasing God, since the pleasure can be observed in the face of alive human incarnation. After the exit of any alive human incarnation the possibility of such direct service for subsequent devotees who will believe in the knowledge may not be there, since the receiving medium to receive service is no more available. Can You please clarify on this?

Shri Swami replied: The human incarnations will appear in every generation of the humanity. If the donor is available, where is the scarcity of beggars! (While dictating this, Shri Phani told that the human incarnation is the real donor and the human donor is the beggar). It is correct that the Lord is the real donor, but the Lord has fascination to enjoy in all roles. Hence, He takes the role of a beggar also to have variety or change in the entertainment. The Lord always won and the demons always ran [away] from Him. The Lord got the fascination to enjoy the role of a runner also. Lord Krishna started running after seeing the demon called Kalayavana and fulfilled His desire for variety in entertainment. All do not have the ability to identify the human incarnation. Therefore, the second address of God is the real devotee as said by the sage Narada in the Bhaktisutra (Tanmayaa hi te). The Lord identifies Himself with His real devotee also. In fact, the second address is more beloved to the Lord. The Lord did not mind His personal abuse given by the demon Hiranyakashipu, but, became very furious when His devotee, Prahlada, was abused by the same demon. The basic concept here is that your service should be to alive items only and not to the inert items.

Some selfish cheaters exploit your service from the backside advising you to do service to inert items representing them as models for the Lord. The concept of representative models is not bad for the beginners at least, but, cheating the devotees in the name of the Lord is very bad sin.

The Lord is pleased with your direct service to Himself through the human incarnation since the service reaches Him directly. The Lord is more pleased with your service to His devotees, though it is indirect. The Lord is not at all pleased with your service done to His inert representative models though the very concept is not objectionable, which is used to develop theoretical devotion. You will be pleased when you are served directly. But, you will be more pleased when your beloved son is served, though you do not receive that service directly. The common point in both the services is that you serve alive items. If somebody says that he worships your photo, will you be so much pleased? You or your son will enjoy the sweet offered by the other person. If the same person says that he offers the sweet to your photo every day (himself swallowing that sweet after the offer) are you pleased? God is also pleased if you offer food to a poor hungry person and save his life so that he will have opportunity to become a devotee of God.

All these cases stress on the basic concept that your service should be to living and not to non-living. Of course, service to undeserving alive items also is a sin and should be avoided by discrimination through analysis (Samvidaa deyam— Veda). It is the responsibility of your faculty of intelligence to identify the real human incarnation and real devotee. Risk lies with everything in this world and should be avoided only by careful and sharp analysis.

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God comes in human form for a multi-dimensional program http://krishnatalk.com/discussion/1911/god-comes-in-human-form-for-a-multi-dimensional-program Tue, 19 Dec 2017 04:55:26 -0500 dattaswami1 1911@/discussions
He selects for His service only such a blessed soul, who has done a lot of penance in the past. The human incarnation mainly comes here only to fulfill the desire of such blessed devotees. Having come to earth for that purpose, He always tries to uplift all through the divine knowledge and miracles.

The few exceptional blessed devotees are pleased to serve the Lord personally and see the pleasure on the face of the Lord, for which they did a lot of penance for several births. This is the main purpose of the visit of God in human form to earth.
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Is God so cruel to allow animal birth to souls? http://krishnatalk.com/discussion/1908/is-god-so-cruel-to-allow-animal-birth-to-soulss Tue, 19 Dec 2017 01:13:50 -0500 dattaswami1 1908@/discussions
 God is loving every soul and is helping every soul in this world.  He never hates any soul.  The punishment in the hell is also to reduce madness of materialism of the soul.  Suppose, one son becomes mad, the father will take him to the doctor and admits him in the mental hospital where shock treatments are given.  Can you say that the father is angry with the son?  Similarly, the hell is for the last sort of trial to transform the soul.  The madness is never cured and the son has to be retained in the hospital only forever.

 Same is the concept of the permanent hell. These souls cannot be brought into this world because they will bring Chaos in this world, just like the mad son cannot be brought out of the hospital into the society.  Some souls are born as birds, animals etc.,  Here also only the love of God reflects.  As a human being the soul was always interested in eating, drinking and sex only.  The soul never turned to God.  In such case there is no use of the intelligence of the human category, which is meant for analysis of truth.  Therefore, the soul is placed in the cycle of animals, which are also happy like the human beings in eating, drinking and sex only.  The human being may think that he may loose his beautiful wife and may have to live with a she-buffalo if he is born as he-buffalo.  But the point is that when the soul is born as he-buffalo, the she-buffalo is as beautiful as the present ‘Miss world’!.

  The grass will be as tasty as the sweet dish in the meals today.  The soul cannot estimate the happiness of the animal while remaining in the human body.  The same happiness is received by the souls in all types of bodies from eating, drinking and sex.  What ever he desired, that is given to him by God without any disturbance.  In the human life the spiritual knowledge is often disturbing him in achieving the continuous happiness from eating, drinking and sex.  Therefore, God favored the soul by such animal-birth and this is not punishing the soul.  

This means God is helping even His enemies.  A father will never harm his issue even if it opposes him.  He wants always the happiness of the child continuously.  The devoted souls want to be with God and derive the divine bliss constantly.  God provides opportunity for such devotees also to make them happy constantly by guiding them in achieving the real and highest devotion to Him.  Therefore, you can see the same love of God on a devoted soul staying in His abode as an angel and also on a he-buffalo enjoying with the she-buffalo in a mud pond.  Both are continuously happy in their own fields!  At last God provided what ever the child desired.  Of course He tried to convert the soul in the he-buffalo into an angel.  When He failed in all His efforts, He has sanctioned the firm desire of the soul.  Therefore, God helped all the souls, whether those loved Him or not.

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GURU DAKSHINA MEANS DONATION OF MONEY ONLY http://krishnatalk.com/discussion/1905/guru-dakshina-means-donation-of-money-only Tue, 19 Dec 2017 00:43:45 -0500 dattaswami1 1905@/discussions
O Learned and Devoted Servants of God,

Whenever you want to do some donation, there are two important aspects, which should be well understood so that you can get good fruit for your good sacrifice. The first aspect is to detect the most deserving receiver and the second aspect is about the nature of your donation. What should be donated and to whom it should be donated are the two important enquiries. The Veda gives answers for these two enquiries. The Veda says that the most deserving person should be the scholar of divine knowledge, who shall not aspire anything from you (shrotriyasyachaakaama hatasya…). The concept behind this is that the scholar of the divine knowledge will have full faith in God and hence, does not aspire anything from any human being.

The only ultimate donor is God and all the human beings here are His beggars only. A beggar need not aspire anything from another beggar. He can beg directly the ultimate donor from whom all the other beggars are benefited. Such a person is a real devotee and the most deserving for your donation. Kuchela did not beg and always remembered God only. Hence, Kuchela was the most deserving person for donation. Hence, Krishna donated the maximum to Kuchela. Krishna felt that the only real donation done by Him in His entire life was that only. Such a deserving person is very rare.

Today, the priests are fixing the rates of the donation in the beginning itself! Hence, they are the most undeserving for the donation. When you want to perform a ritual, the priest should come without aspiring anything from you. After all, the ritual is the worship of God only. This can be understood if you examine the meanings of the Vedic prayers recited in the ritual. The priest himself does not know the meaning of the prayers recited by him in the ritual! The priest should thank you for inviting him to the ritual because it is an opportunity created by you to participate in the worship of God. If the priests know the meanings of the Vedic prayers, the priest will have full faith in God that God will take care of all his needs. Therefore, the priest should not beg another beggar. He should accept whatever you donate. Certainly, you will donate your maximum for such deserving priest. If you donate to undeserving person, it will bring punishment to you since it is a sin. The present Hindu system should be totally transformed in the light of this truth.

 Regarding the nature of the donation, it should be always money and not any other material you desire. Donation should be based on the need of the receiver and not your desire. Money is the source of all materials. Hence, money will serve all the present and future needs of the priest and you will get the good fruit since you are helping the priest in providing the needs. You have given food to a deserving priest. You have purchased some clothes or some other material by spending say hundred rupees and you are donating the clothes to the priest after his meals. The priest may be having sufficient number of clothes in his house. Tomorrow, he may be in need of some food or some medicine etc. Now, he is selling the clothes donated by you for half rate to a local businessman. Your donation to the priest is only fifty rupees and not hundred rupees. You are getting half of the good fruit only though your donation is full. Therefore, it is better to donate hundred rupees to the priest instead of the clothes. Hence, the Veda says that the nature of the donation should be money (dhanena tyagenaikena…). Shiridi Saibaba used to collect money only and used to donate that money to the devotees.

The Guru Dakshnna means the donation in the form of money to be offered to your divine preacher. In every sacrifice (yajna), dakshna is the essence. Dakshina means the donation in the form of money. When Koutsa pressed his preacher for [accepting] the donation, his preacher, the sage called Varatantu, asked dakshina in the form of money only as fourteen crores for the fourteen subjects preached by him. If the receiver is a scholar, he will not misuse the money given by you. The ignorant person may misuse the money for some bad habits and hence, in such case, it is better to donate useful material to him. If you give money to a beggar, he may misuse it for some bad habits. Donate food to him and force him to eat it in your presence. The reason is that, even the food is sold. While donating the food to a hungry person, do not apply the above logic that he is aspiring [money] from you. It is an exceptional context since you are saving the life of a hungry person and it is the situation of emergency.
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Is death a fixed concept? http://krishnatalk.com/discussion/1904/is-death-a-fixed-concepts Tue, 19 Dec 2017 00:10:02 -0500 dattaswami1 1904@/discussions Is death a fixed concept?

Longevity can be reduced or extended by God in view of requirement of one’s services for the welfare of this world

     Every concept observed in the nature is mainly governed by the scientific phenomena of the atmosphere. In the olden days, pollution was almost absent due to lack of ambition for pleasures, which did not promote industrialization causing horrible pollution. The average longevity of people in old generations was 120 years (Purusha aayusha). Now, it is reduced to around 60 years. The cause for such pollution is heavy industrialization, contamination of food grains with chemicals of pesticides, burning ghee in fire altars, burning candle lights etc. All these reasons come under the imaginable domain. Hence, the medical science was developed by sages, which is called as knowledge related to longevity (Ayurveda). Of course, the longevity can be reduced or extended by God in view of requirement of one’s services for the welfare of this world. There can’t be mere social service without the basic spiritual service. Mere social service without basic spiritual service is just fraud as done by most of the present politicians!

The presence of unimaginable God punishing the sinner even if he/she escapes the law here must be stressed in every step of social service. The poor people must be helped and at the same time, the reason of their poverty, which is previous sin, must be explained and its remedy must be preached to them. Then only, they will be released from poverty in the future births also and the help done to them will be properly utilized without diverting them to vices. Such social service blended with spiritual service certainly pleases God to think about the extension of one’s longevity. If the fruit of sin is in the background along with divine force, even the remedies of the medical science fail to cure the disease. If the reason is only natural, medical science succeeds and in such case the soul is also protected from all the natural reasons by God as prevention. The spiritual aspects are very important standing as the basic background of the entire nature also. The unimaginable power of God (Maaya) is always in the background of the imaginable domain (Prakruti).
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Relevance of present human form of God http://krishnatalk.com/discussion/1903/relevance-of-present-human-form-of-god Tue, 19 Dec 2017 00:09:51 -0500 dattaswami1 1903@/discussions The original absolute God is unimaginable due to absence of spatial dimensions in Him. God is the generator of space, which means the spatial dimensions are absent in God. Space should be totally absent before its generation. Our intelligence cannot imagine anything, which has no spatial dimensions. Hence, God is concluded to be unimaginable. Such unimaginable God charges a specific energetic body like Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva as per Hinduism. The same energetic incarnation is called as Father of heaven in Christianity. The same energetic incarnation without form i.e., the all pervading cosmic energy charged by unimaginable God is called as Allah in Islam. This energetic incarnation is quite relevant to the human souls present in energetic bodies (angels) in the upper worlds.
The departed human souls also come under this category. The energetic body of God is quite relevant to the souls existing in similar energetic bodies. In the same way, the same unimaginable God charges a human body in this world for the sake of the souls existing in materialized human bodies. Thus, the human incarnation of God is quite relevant to the human beings in this world. The main aspect of relevance is the direct contact between two similar bodies for the sake of preaching the spiritual knowledge.
The primary program of God in the incarnation is to guide the souls in correct path in pravrutti as well in nivrutti. Such direct interaction is not possible between two irrelevant dissimilar bodies. No occasion is seen in this world in which a human being is preached by the energetic incarnation of God. The inert statues and photos representing the energetic incarnations and the past human incarnations are also waste since the direct interaction of preaching is not possible. But, however, such tradition of worship of statues and photos exists for the sake of development of devotion based on the fact that there is attraction between two dissimilar bodies and repulsion between two similar bodies. The human being in this world is more attracted to the energetic incarnation and past human incarnation since there is repulsion on the contemporary incarnation existing before eyes. The three sacred epics, the Ramayana, the Bharatam and the Bhagavatam stress on Rama and Krishna, who are the human incarnations only. Hanuman and Gopikas are considered to be the top most devotees. They always worshipped the then existing contemporary human incarnations only. They never worshipped the photos and statues of either energetic incarnations or past human incarnations.

These top most devotees must be our guides in the spiritual path. Of course, several Puranas deal with the praise of energetic incarnations because the majority of humanity is based on the attraction to dissimilar body and repulsion to similar body. The main point is only the relevance of the human incarnation of God to the humanity to carry on the main essential program of preaching the correct (satyam) and complete (anantam) knowledge (jnaanam) for the sake of proper guidance.

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While doing service of the Lord, not only emotional inspiration is needed, but also, intellectual an http://krishnatalk.com/discussion/1902/while-doing-service-of-the-lord-not-only-emotional-inspiration-is-needed-but-also-intellectual-an Mon, 18 Dec 2017 23:53:56 -0500 dattaswami1 1902@/discussions While doing service of the Lord, not only emotional inspiration is needed, but also, intellectual analysis is required.

Q) Lakshmana served Rama without food and sleep in the forest for 14 years. What is your comment on this devotion?

 Lakshmana served Rama without food and sleep for 14 years and he could do so due to the power of chanting a special hidden Vedic hymn called as Bala and Atibala blessed by sage Vishvaamitra in the childhood. You may not find the real sacrifice in this aspect due to the power of the hymn. This point is also related to future requirement in killing the son of Ravana (Meghanaada), who can be killed only by a person fasting and not sleeping for 14 years. But, Lakshmana, younger to Rama was also married and did the service to Lord without enjoying His wife, while Rama and Sita were enjoying in the hut! This is sacrifice of desire for sex for the sake of Lord and this is not a small sacrifice!

Coming to the sacrifice of food and sleep in the service of Lord, let us assume that Lakshmana was not having such power of the Vedic hymn with him to overcome hunger and sleep. In such case also, do you expect Lakshmana to do the service of the Lord without food and sleep? Assuming that Lakshmana did so, he would have met with death in few days. Do you think that service for few days is better than the service for 14 years? He can do the service for 14 years by taking minimum food and minimum sleep so that the service can be done for a long time. Such long service is certainly far better than such short service. Instead of giving one wedding meal to a beggar, it is better to feed him for 10 days with minimum normal meals! While doing service of the Lord, not only emotional inspiration is needed, but also, intellectual analysis is required. Devotion without knowledge goes in wrong direction. Hanuman was not only emotionally dedicated to the service of the Lord with His excellent physical strength, but also, involved with sharp intellectual analysis.

When Hanuman was crossing the sea, angels tested Him by sending Surasaa in the form of demon to see whether He had mere physical strength with emotion or physical strength combined with analytical intelligence. Surasaa opened her mouth with ten sq. miles area. Hanuman grew to 100 sq. miles-area with emotion. Then, Surasaa opened her mouth with area of 1000 sq. miles. Like this, the game went on for some time. Then, Hanuman thought that the time will be wasted without end, which is infinite hindrance to the service of God. The game was involved on the exhibition of the power of each to grow based on victory and defeat. Hanuman, due to lack of ego, accepted defeat suddenly, became 1sq. inch entity, entered the mouth of Surasaa and came out through her ear declaring the victory of Surasaa! Surasaa in her own form and angels appeared and appreciated Hanuman as best servant of God using emotion with physical strength and intellectual analysis together.

Hence, after acquiring knowledge patiently only, the emotional devotion shall be acquired, which is controlled and guided by the already existing knowledge. If devotion is acquired in the beginning itself, there is no patience to learn the knowledge after getting emotion. Devotion is the emotional force that transforms already existing knowledge into practice. Hence, knowledge of Shankara, devotion of Ramanuja and practice of Madhva are subsequent steps in the spiritual path to be achieved by the spiritual soul.

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The total concept of God http://krishnatalk.com/discussion/1901/the-total-concept-of-god Mon, 18 Dec 2017 23:53:19 -0500 dattaswami1 1901@/discussions
God comes down to the world of human beings by entering a human body

Krishna gave two statements in the Gita. The first statement is that He is unimaginable because nobody can know Him (Maam tu veda na kashchana …). The second statement is that He entered a human body (manushim tanumaashritam …). These statements together give the total concept of God. God is beyond spatial dimensions and hence, He is beyond imagination. In order to preach the spiritual knowledge, to give the correct direction to the humanity, He comes down to the world of human beings by entering a human body (a particular deserving devotee existing at that point of time, also called as ‘Son of God’).

 The human body means a human being. The inert material body associated with inert energy consisting of awareness with different feelings (jeeva) is the human body. Human body does not mean mere inert body containing inert matter and inert energy only. Such a body cannot be even a living body due to absence of life. If you say living body, it may mean the body of a bird or an animal also. Such living body cannot deliver the knowledge to the human beings.

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