What is IRM?
  • kirtikadevidasi October 2005
    I have been away from the association of devotees for awhile now. However, I have maintained an Alter and worship and meditate on my own. I've lately become curious about how a number of devotees are doing and have done google searches on them. As a result I've come to many websites that reveal quite a bit of what we used to call "nonsense". In a way I've been feeling like I've been protected from all the dramas, infighting, factions and politics by not being around. This is so unbelievably sad. Many of the terms used, I am not familiar with like IRM and ritvik. Srila Prabhupada used to say how rare it was to come in contact with a pure spiritual master and it is only now that I understand how fortunate we were. The many Sanyasins, my god brothers, that have taken disciples truly have a grave responsibility to them. It is unfortunate if some took on disciples prematurely out of their natural enthusiasm for spreading Krsna Consciousness and later fell down in some way. Perhaps we would all be better devotees if we focused on how to help our godbrothers and sisters sustain the highest standards of devotion to Krsna rather than these horrible personal attacks and criticisms. Can anyone explain to me the two terms mentioned above?
  • vijaymadanu September 2008
    Hare Krishna mataji

    The whole IRM and Ritvik concepts are depending on one book "Final Order" written by Krishna Kant prabhu.

    There are disciples of Prabhupada (some out of Iskcon & some in Iskcon) who disagree with this Ritvik Theory. I have read their articles and they are very clear.

    However, when I contacted directly devotees at IRM Bangalore ---my discussion with them is not Satvik (in goodness to understand truth).. so i have chosen to write this article:


    this article clearly describles all the pit-falls of Ritvik Concept.

    Please read if you are interested.

    Best regards & Hari bol !