• Hare Krishna
    My name is Kym...otherwise known as chipofftheoldblock. Seems I mispelled my username. Oh well, what's in a name?
    I am new to the Krishna scene and am exploring the possibility of further involvement.
    My background training is mostly in Satyananda Yoga which dates back to my first Kundalini experience in 1985.
    I have arrived at the door of the Krishna community after much personal struggle and spiritual enquiry.
    However, my recent enquiries into Bhakti Yoga and study of the 'Bhagavad Gita, as it is' by AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada have finally given me the philosophical framework I have needed to get back on track with my personal evolution.
    Instinctively, I know how I must proceed in regaining my health and balance but I have been lacking the company of devotees for some time.
    Please accept my humble involvement on your forum as I strive to grow in your presence.
  • Aveshadesh December 2005
    I am new to this site. Posted my intro-hi-people-thingy yesterday. I was curious to see if anyone had read it. Seems 8 so far. I wondered how many will read it before at least one says, welcome mate, hallo, good luck, haribol, or something horrible even! Whatever. And then I noticed your post had about 70 ish views but no replies yet ??? Maybe the reason behind that is if everyone replied with one line hi how are you, welcome blah blah then pages would soon fill up with just hallo's and welcomes I suppose! Or maybe you've already had some chats elsewhere on the site. Well, whatever. Here's a hi and welcome from me. Hi ! Welcome!

    I hope you continue to find self realization from the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. His BG translation certainly doesn't mince words. Bit like a good doctor really. They'll tell you exactly what medicine you need whether you like to hear about it or not, because they want you cured.

    One of my favourite BG chapters is Chapter 2. Tells me who I am and sums up very well what's going on with the senses (BG 2:62,63). There's a very nice song from Govinda Dasa called Bhaja Mana Hure that compliments those 2 verses for me. If you haven't got the words to it and would like them let me know. It's about the mind and DS.

    Hope you find time to chant the Hare Krishna maha mantra. Powerful stuff.

    Krishna gives or takes away intelligence. I hope He gives you plenty so that you can further realise your true nature and find true peace in the absolute truth and achieve the ultimate goal of human life.

    Must run. Time to offer bhoga and eat prasad!

    All the best

    Hare Krishna
  • Namaste'
    Thank you Aveshadesh for your kind greeting.
    I've been distracted from the mundane of late by surging Kundalini and have only recently rediscovered gravity. :D
    So, on with the show fellow travellers......
    Om Tat Sat
    Hari Krishna
    Om Shanti
  • tirthadas April 2006
  • Aveshadesh Tirthadas,
    When did his Holiness sit cross-legged in New York? Was it 1971 or 1972? If only the Godless ones would listen, we may have a safer world in the present text.
    Om Tat Sat
    Shanti Shanti
  • tirthadas April 2006
  • Radhe Krishna,

    I am not a member of ISKCON. I have respect for ISKCON founder and the members of ISKCON for their service of Nama prachara. But on many issues I do not agree with what shri ACB has preached. But still ppoints of differences exist does not mean that there are no points of agreements. Krishna Bhakthi is the point of agreement.

    can u go through my "Bhagavatha parayanam" and give ur views.

    Radhe Krishna
  • tirthadas April 2006
  • Thank You for clarifying the New York dates tirthadas.
    Had to leave my books at last place of residence.
    Krishna Bhakti.............devoted we be! :roll: