Who is "Nobody"? Poll
  • November 2005
    Nobody remains a mystery to us. So just who is he/she?
  • November 2005
    Knock knock!

    "Is Nobody home?"

    "sorry nobody is here."

    "What? I just asked if Nobody was home and now you tell me Nobody is there."

    "I said nobody is here."

    "Well can I speak to Nobody then since you say he is there?"

    "Look! I said nobody is here."

    "Well, I want to talk to Nobody since he is there."

    "Then go talk to yourself."

    "I don't know "Yourself"."

    "Get out of here you weirdo before I call the authorities."

    "I thought "Nobody" was the authority of this forum."

    Door slams loudly!!!
  • November 2005
    Alas, dear friends, it appears we will never know our kind host as he/she has never come forward and introduced him/herself.