Radha Desh. Anyone?
  • Aveshadesh December 2005
    Hare Krishna everyone

    I'm new here and haven't a clue how you play it. I'll be learning about it all no doubt! Along with my request for anyone from Radha Desh, I've given a little profile of myself here. So.....

    If anyone remembers me, for good or for bad (I'll just have to take whatever!) from the old days of Bhagavans zone, drop me a line. Sticking my neck out! Chop away! I ask forgiveness for any offences and that the few who might want to judge me harshly I ask them to remember that apart from my offences I did do some good things for the movement in those days and only a couple of desperate things just to survive when I couldn't take it anymore and left to strike out on my own. Didn't do too well though! Lord Krishna's mercy! I always look back on my leaving as a mixture of dull ignorance and disorientation (with the movement but mostly with my own static spiritual development which I was ashamed of).

    I am trying to get back into DS by reading BG every day, trying to chant more in spite of my little disability, offering bhoga to Lord Krishna and eating prasad, and praying a lot. It's a small start but I already feel much benefit.

    I very much hope that when I quit this world, this will have been my last material body, though at this stage in proceedings I'll most likely come back as ant after ant after ant, and then some! I know that the really pure devotee is happy to stay here birth after birth if Lord Krishna wants, but for now I can't aspire to that high level of uttama adhikari and my desire is to get as far away as possible from this frightening place (no, not London, silly, the material world!).

    I have quite a few thoughts on how things are in this material world, and how we can get out of this entanglement. But in the main, from what I've understood, the bottom line is that ultimately it's all down to Lord Krishna's grace, not our own endeavour, that decides if we remain here or go back Home, back to the supreme and blissful transcendental abodes. I know that we can try and influence Lord Krishna by behaving in a way that pleases Him but ultimately, our destination is His decision. Will He want us back? Will we be good association for the other souls there? Quite a few factors in play. I think all we can do is try to be as sincere as sincere can be and want to please Lord Krishna, not ourselves. Isn't that about right?

    I hope this forum is a place where one can share Krishna topics. I'm hungry for them! Big thanks and humble obeisances to those who have set this site up!

    So that's enough from me. I'll be back!