really need some good association
  • fryskenfry January 2006
    Hello everybody.
    I must face it: i cannot resist the material world around me. I am a social being and therefor prone to social behaviour. Where do i find the strength to face the hostile opinions of my direct surroundings? How do i explain to friends, that i am not going to join them for a pub without losing them? Everybody keeps pushing me into things i do not wish for. My parents wish me to get married or to at least get materially succesful (and my assets will ensure a marriage, etc). Nobody understands my reality and meanwhile, I am still far from understanding the reality of Krishna.
    I need some close association with good people in my surroundings, but they do not seem to be there.
    By the way, I live in the north of the Netherlands. But I cannot afford to travel to places like Amsterdam or Radadesh frequently. And the way things are going, things do not seem to be on the up, because I am becoming more isolated every year. This fact needs some compensation, but I can't seem to see the way out.
    It is not, that I am in a pathetic situation, but I would really appreciate some people that I can stick together with, to gain the strength for better service.
  • sundara7631 January 2006
    Hare Krishna, I have been trying to serve Shrila Prabhupada, since 1971 when I was initiated by Him in portland, oregon, usa. I can really feel for your situation. I am a male devotee. I simply try to enlighten souls and inspire them, through the Krishna conscious poetry I write. I am not very advanced and so I am not trying to pose myself as such. I live alone in the forest of Talavana, near new vrindavana in west virginia. Anyhow, I just want to be able to share this blessing I have to write poetry, it has inspired some souls, so I coninue, so I also like to make as many devotee friends as I can online. I live by a very nice devotee named Pavana and his family and we visit the new vrindavana temple every sunday. I mainly just try to point souls to Prabhupada as our eternally living Guru, through his books, annd he said himself , souls are initiated by him, simply who read his books, And I just know, He is the real thing, who will never let us down, and we can always feel Him near us, by our sincereity to follow Him!!!! ll glories o Shrila Prabhupada. Please feel free to ask any questions.
  • fryskenfry January 2006
    reading back my own message, it seems that i am pathetically rolling around in my own selfpity. it pleases me, that you didn't read it that way, as this tone was unintentional.
    maybe your way of life was your solution to my problem at the time you had the same.
    it is very kind of you to remind me of the readings of Prabupada, a lot of his books are on the shelf over here. they can indeed be a blessing in keeping a person from straying. amazing thing, that one person could publish all that. it will probably take me a lifetime to understand his readings.
    maybe you will be so kind as to answer a question that has come to my mind recently: i think we consider all religions equal, that is, if a muslim is pious and listening to a good teacher of his scriptures, then he will advance. but i cannot help noticing, that most religions that elevate their profets (christianity, islam) to deity, in due time become hostile towards others. once Jesus is your new demigod, you will start preaching to others, serving the same god, but a different profet / demigod. If preaching won't work, then a crusade probably will. and the new age of crusades has certainly started recently.
    i have never experienced any disrespect in this direction from hare-krishna preachers, but i wonder whether it is a wise thing to elevate Prabupada to the level of a demigod. and i fear this will happen once his desciples have left this world. has Prabupada ever said anything about this risk? or did he simply not see it coming?
    you cannot simply answer, that the hare-krishna movement will always stay the same, as history has already proven you wrong. for instance, the gurukula (is that school? don't remember the word exactly) system has already been changed. and a lot of more subtle changes could be added, if you wish.

  • sundara7631 January 2006
    It is most essential for us to understand from the very beginning of your spiritual life that great servants of God or Krishna, are to be worshiped as good as Krishna, the unlimited Lord, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They are decared to be much more than demigods. THe bonafide spiritual master is declared in the scripture to be the sum total of all the demigods, and there are 30 million demigods. The bonafide spiritual master, Lord Krishna loudly proclaims must never be considered common man, indeed He is as good as Myvery self, And I the Supreme Lord can not even be approached with out the mercy of My Servant. In fact, I will excuse offences to Myself, but I shall never tolerate offences to My Servants. The only one who can excuse the offence to My Servant, is My Servant Himself!!!!!! It is also most essential to get all our Knowledge from a bonafide Spiritual master, because He alone in this world, will not cheat us. Arian means one who is a perfect follower of vedic culture or moral behavior. In this age they are practically impossible to find, but in other ages they were more prevailant, because the ages were not so degraded as this one. It is always essential to back up our statements by Krishna or His pure representative , Who is worshipable as His very self, or our knowledge is sure to have defect. So please expain where you are getting your knowledge. Krishna's devotees fully accept, with out doubting that the Golden Age of Lord Chaintanya started 500 years ago and shall become stronger and stronger for the next ten thousand years. Currently this movement is still so young we hae many great hurdles to overcome, because of the very great impurities in our hearts. Therefor all our personal perceptions of things are extremely imperfect and clouded by so many kinds of illusions and material motivations and emotions. I t is really most important that we just remain silent, until we become very very much learned in Krishna's and His Servants words. There most unfortunately so much misunderstanding right now about anything, because this age and our past life times of nonsense activities have dulled our minds so much and we have become addicted to just polluting our intelligence by anything that is not Krishna conscious or pure devotion to God. Until we are actually seeing and hearing Krishna, it is of absolute importance that we do not take seriously at all our own personal opinions on a subject matter that is way way beyond of mundane mind. WE need so much to absorb ourselves in chanting Krishna's Names, especially with other devotees in the streets. It is truly the nectar we are always hankering for, and if we are not attracted to this, we are extremely foolish. Prabhupada said we must become mad for Krishna, or we will be mad for maya or illusion. So as long as we are mad after illusion, how can we really be sharp in our intelligence about anything, what to speak of Krishna and His pure Servants?!!!!!!! So much is wrong, so much abominable misfortune must take place, because we must suffer the results of our foolish activities, at the same time it is certain, we must continue our chanting under all circumstances and reading Prabhupada's books the unchanged one's is of paramount importance. But most unfortunately because we are so imature in spiritual life, we have so little attraction for these things and yet we like to so boldly make doubting statements about the most doubtless and glorious pathh of Sanatana Dharma and Krishna consciousness. This is our extremely great misfortune if this is our state of mind, still, what ever condition, if we stick to the Holy Name of the Lord, we shall surely be purified of all this and utter faith in this, is the most important ingredient for advancing in Krishna consciousness, so we may know who is worshipable and who is not, with out purity of heart, we can not understand that is our cross we must bare until some how or other, we get Prabhupada's mercy on our heads, than our path becomes easy and blissful, free from all ignorance!!!!!!!!Prabhupada is the most recent pure archarya or perfect example of living life that has been in america's vision and his books and every thing he said, is all we should want to know. With that desire, perfection shall be ours... Hare Krishna!!!!!!!!
  • NAVIN PATEL February 2006


    Please accept my sincere Greetings
    I would like to know more about Krishna.
    Commonly known and described in Plays and stories.
    I am not intrested in those stories.
    Somewhere 5000 years back Krishna is the one who Transformed the entire society,Their beleif,Their way of Thinking,Their way of Life and Way of worship too alongwith so many other aspects.And demonstrated a real life how to deal with right from childhood untill the last breath.
    Do we have any scholar who has really studied all those aspects and did some research So that I can talk and learn and prepare myself to implement those principles.
    I am a student please do not misunderstood me.
    I am only intrested in Krishna's Life not anything else please.
    Can someone avail me informations on the Book "HARIVANSHA"
    I am available on [email][/email]
    I care for the spam equally as you.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Get's like that sometimes Fryskenfry. Us devotees can be isolated out of necessity at times. However, I have taken it upon myself to attempt to fulfill my Guru's instruction by becoming a householder sanyassin. That is, perfecting the fine art of existing in the suburbs as a devotee. Not an easy task given the sorry nature of most souls/bodies in my city of Adelaide (The city of churches)
    I've learnt to embrace the challenges of city life and work where my help is needed the poorer suburbs........the bronx if U like.
    The key, I have found is to be Oneself rather than pretending to be something we are not. Warts and all...front and centre charging through life with knowledge and conviction. Work, work, work..nothing but work 'till the day I pass on from this body.
    We all need good association, but let's not forget others around us or we will end up disassociated from reality.
    Hari Om