Caitanya Bhagavata - nectar
  • cherry February 2006
    'Caitanya Bhagavata' by Vrndavana dasa Thakura - Adi Lila Chapter 11

    Around this time Sri Isvaracandra Puri came to Navadvipa unobtrusively dressed as an
    ekadandi sannyasa. He was a magnanimous personality, always absorbed in tasting the nectar
    of love of Krsna. He was extremely dear to Lord Krsna and compassionate towards all. Because
    of his humble attire, no one recognised him.
    One day Isvara Puri went to Advaita Acarya's house, but the Acarya was quite busy working
    at that time. Isvaracandra sat humbly in the courtyard in front of Advaita Prabhu.
    A Vaisnava's purity makes him effulgent, so Advaita Acarya Prabhu could immediately
    understand that the person sitting in front of him was no ordinary sannyasi.
    Advaita stared at Isvara Puri, knowing he must be a pure Vaisnava. At last Acarya Prabhu
    addressed him respectfully, "Dear saintly person, who are you? I have the feeling that you
    are a Vaisnava sannyasi."
    "I am worse than the fourth class person" replied Isvaracandra. "I have come here simply to
    see your lotus feet" Mukunda could also recognise the symptoms of a pure Vaisnava devotee,
    and there in the courtyard he spontaneously broke into devotional song. At the sound of
    Mukunda's voice, Isvara Puri fell to the ground, incessant tears poured from this eyes while
    repeated and increasing bursts of devotional ecstasy overcame him.
    Advaita Acarya was alarmed and drew Isvaracandra quickly into his arms. Soon he was also
    bathed with the saint's tears and they were both swept away by ecstatic waves of love of
    God, unable to control their spiritual emotions. Inspired by them Mukunda sang one sloka
    after another.
  • cherry February 2006
    'Caitanya Bhagavata' by Vrndavana dasa Thakura - Madhya Lila chapter 2

    When the Lord was in ecstasy He trembled like an autumn leaf. This trembling was so
    uncontrollable that thousands of devotees could not keep Him still, streams of tears
    flowed unchecked like hundreds of rivers. His entire body broke out in horripilation
    like a ripe golden jakefruit. From time to time, He would break out into loud laughter,
    being very amused by Himself. At other times He would fall unconscious to the ground,
    unable to contain the bubbling ecstasy within. When external consciousness returned to
    Him, He kept repeating Lord Krsna's name. The loud roaring sound that He sometimes made
    seemed to burst the eardrums of the non-devotees, but the devotees of the Lord, by His
    grace, gradually came closer to crossing the ocean of material existence. His body at
    times would become stiff like a marble statue and at other times become soft and pliable
    like butter. The devotees saw the wonderful transformations in the Lord and every one of
    them was convinced that it was not humanly possible to manifest such ecstatic symptoms.
    They each offered comments according to their own understanding. Someone said "He is
    definitely a partial incarnation of the Supreme Lord." Someone else said "He is a great
    devotee. Maybe He is Sukadeva Gosvami or Prahlada or even Narada Muni" Another said,
    "He is here to remove all calamities" The wives of the Vaisnava devotees who observed
    this also remarked "Lord Krsna has taken His birth again" Another lady said "I think He
    is an incarnation of God" In this way different people offered different opinions about
    the Lord.
  • cherry February 2006
    Sri Caitanya Bhagavata - Madhya Lila - Chapter 23

    He began to dance, lifting the devotees in soaring heights of ecstacy. Everyone began
    chanting loudly and whoever saw the Lord's moonlike beautiful face was released from
    the searing pain of material existence.
    The Lord's charming looks overshadowed the attractiveness of millions of cupids put
    together. I am at a loss to find the appropriate similies to describle the Lord's beauty
    yet i venture to do so only by His mercy alone, otherwise who can dare to attempt such
    an impossible task.
    He glowed like a mountain of gold. His body being smeared with sandal paste sometimes
    looked like the rising full moon. His curly dark tresses were decorated with the fragrant
    Malati garlands. A sweet smile clung intimately to His lips that can win the hearts of
    all the muses. The clear markings of sandalwood tilak with a red dot of vermillion adorned
    His beautiful forehead.
    He raised His arms up in the sky chanting the name of Hari and danced, the knee long
    flower garland around His neck swayed with each movement. His upraised arms glistened like
    fine tapering pillars of gold. His body became drenched with incessant flow of ecstatic
    tears from His lotus petal eyes.
    As the ecstatic feelings increased, the hairs of His body stood on end like the ever fresh
    Kadamba flower. The moist reddish lips so exquisite and when parted revealed a symmetrical
    set of pearl-like white teeth. The long arched eyebrows languished almost all the way up to
    the beginning of His ears. His strong shoulders shamed the king of the elephants and His
    chest was broad and full. The brahman thread hung loosely across His chest.
    Laksmi devi and Tulasi devi are constantly praying for the shelter of His lotus feet. That
    Supreme Lord wears His fine and clean clothes very artistically. The uplifted nose is
    aristocratic and the sinewy tendons of His neck gives the impression of being the neck
    of the king of the forest, strong and powerful.
    He towers over the others. His long body well formed and proportionate whining like a
    mountain of Mother gold. Everyone looking at Him commented on His divine beautiful presence.
    The millions who milled around for this momentous occasion were very fortunate. In spite of
    their large number, they all received the Lord's benedictions of being able to see the Lord's
    exquisite transcendental face. They simply stared at Him, irresistably drawn to His beauty
    and exclaimed out aloud the Lord's name each time uncontrollable emotions welled within
    their hearts.
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    Please let me know if the Chaitanya Bhagwat available to read online, like Prabhupada's book.Can anyone let me know about that site?

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