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  • Sigurd February 2006
  • precious 54 February 2006
    I took a look at this shop is very sweet.. I did'nt understand the prices was not in english money????
  • Sigurd February 2006

    When you click on main page "Click to launch english version" prices will be displayed in USD dollars. Yoy can also manually change currency on the left side under subscription panel. There is "Currency" panel. You have few choices there.

    best regards,

  • February 2006
    Hare Krishna Sigurd,

    What a wonderful shop, and I hope Lord Krishna blesses you with growth and many more offerings. Yes, I think giving them Krishna focused toys is essential in developing their love for Krishna.

    Oh, my kids are grown now, but if I knew then what I know now....
  • jivattatva June 2006

    In the english version, when the price is US 7,00-- it means US$ 7.00 isn't it ? Us Dollars terms usually use dot (.)