Like to talk on Krishna Consciousness
  • yogesh_25 March 2006
    :P Hare Krishna everybody!!! I am from Mumbai , India & wants to have a friendship with Lord Krishna's devotees. Since last two & half years I am related to Krishna Consciousness movement of ISKCON. Presently associated with Sri Radha Gopinath Temple , Mumbai. I always chat with the devotees on To increase devotee association , I have registered on this site
  • Radhe Krishna

    Yogesh, ts a great thing to experience krishna bhakthi. To begin with m not a member of ISKCON. I recite Srimad Bhagavatham in a cycle of two ekadashis. It is such a wonderful epic composed by veda vyasa. Read it any number of times. you would still like to read it many more times. Dharma, Kavya, Vyakarana, Vedantha et al. whatever u think of u find it in this ocean of rasa.

    Radhe Krishna