• Pankaja dasa March 2006

    I came to Krsna simply by reading Bhagavad-gita As It Is.
  • March 2006
    Krishna is with us always in his paramatma feature residing in the heart of all living entities.
    Hari Bol
  • Radhe Krishna

    Yes, to read holy scriptures is one of the guided way of doing bhakthi.

    "Shravanam keerthanam vishnoho smaranam padasevanam
    Archanam vandanam dasyam sakhyam atma nivedanam"

    Every other material activity, if u perceive its connectivity to god, u r blessed.

    If the object of every other art is god realisation, that is the first step to god realisation.

    In ISKCON, in addition to above mentioned ways of paying obeisance to God, I admiringly note another way .

    That to paint the life and times of god.

    Afterall, the "Chithralekhanam" has meaning if what u paint are the leelas of god.

    Radhe krishna.
  • April 2006

    Pankaja dasa:

    I came to Krsna simply by reading Bhagavad-gita As It Is.

    Dandabats Prabhu

    thanks for the website, i've been reading Subjective-Evolution by HDG Srila Sridhar Maharaj, thanks for sharing it with us.

    The first book i read was Krishna Book.


    Madhupriya dd
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
    The 2nd Book I read was Teachings of Lord Chaitanya, I read it back-to-back 2 times.

    Thankyou, the sites is for devotee of Krishna.
  • Radhe Krishna,

    Radha Rasa sudanidhi. read this nectar. Radhaju as Radha rani is lovingly referred in vrajadham - this grantha is about the radha gunanubhavam.

    Hari Bhakthi vilasam - again another wonderful grantha speaking about the qualities of a vaishnava apart from the methods and beauties of hari bhakthi.

    Pankaj dasji, pardon me - u will sure remind me about Bhagavat gita - I dont know why - I am very much impressed with atmagunas - and not philosophy. Since philosophy is much talked about in Gita, although this is god's own words - so far i have not read it. I feel I should.

    Radhe Krishna
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
    u will sure remind me about Bhagavat gita - I dont know why - I am very much impressed with atmagunas - and not philosophy

  • Radhe Krishna,

    I am a novice with emoticons. I saw an emoticon n ur last posting. try to understand what it was. i found it was "Shock". Regarding Bhagavath Geetha, I tried many times to read Vyakya on this great upadesha of my lord. But still not with success. Much of philosophical discussions are there which I could not be able to comprehend. The fault is in my outlook. I hope my lord would give me enough brain to understand what he said in Geetha. I am simply a man heart. If someone narrates Geetha, with the life and time of a vaishnava, I could be able to understand - as such I enjoyed by sharing with saha krishna bhakthas - golden sayings in Geetha. About Geetha I want to hear more rather than read. cause I feel that much is my capability.

    Radhe Krishna.
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
    You could always hear on this site:

    Bhagavad-gita Lectures here>

    I don't understand Gita so much. But it seems to open up for me now and again. :D
  • Radhe Krishna,

    Thank u very much, Pankaja dasji

    Radhe Krishna
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
    No problems. If you understand a word you will be blessed. Radhe Radhe
  • Radhe Krishna,

    Pankaja dasji, radhe Krishna,

    Righltly said, understanding even a single word in Bhagavath Gita would be beneficial. In our sampradaya learning of Bhagavath Gita comes at an advanced stage. After learning of vedas and puranas and one is matured as a proper human being does we get the opportunity of learning the Bhashya of Geeta. And in that effort we not simply learn geeta. Rather it is a package of three holy granthas. We learn prasthanathraya Bhashya comprising of Brahma Sutra, Bhagavath Geetha and Dasopanishath. Until I get the opportunity of properly learning it, I get to hear of Geeta from well intended soft minded bhakthas who have the willing of sharing sweet things about god like i do.

    Radhe Krishna.
  • Ditto/likewise........ :D
  • Radhe Krishna,

    Chipoftheoldblock, Radhe Krishna,

    Can u vist the thread, attributes of an exalted bhaktha and add ur comments.

    For me the foremost for qualification for longing to be a bhaktha is to develop "Atmagunas" - Basic human attributes of love, peace , patience, sincerity, honesty, humbleness. If these attributes are developed by you, u need not search for lord - rather he would come to u uninvited and be with u ever.

    Radhe krishna
  • So SIMPLE life, yet we can lose ourselfs in the mental machinery.
    In terms of quality & quantity we can pail into insignificance compared to the Lord. I have my good days of integral synchronistic quality, isn't life grand.
    Hare Krshna