Krishana and Me
  • March 2006
    Krishana plays like and a child and gives me the maturity of an old man. Krishana! Krishana! I dont want to grow old. My body is not mine, my thoughts are not mine, they belong to you. Make me as you wish to make your devotees, but too much thinking and acting like a wise, intellectual person takes me away from you. I cannot be the best brain in the world, I am also not the 'jad' one. I know you meet either the enlightened or the 'Jad Budhis.' To become enlightened it will take eons, but how nice it would be if you make me 'Jad Budhi' in this birth itself and make me your own. O Krishana! only that state is best for me in which I can realise you and my journey towards you will actually start at the time when I will no longer need to say 'I'.
  • Well then, why do they continue to treat us like children?
    I am 44 years old and do not appreciate the belittlement. 8)