"'Looking Inward' Is Outward"
  • Pankaja dasa March 2006
    "'Looking Inward' Is Outward"
    October 8, 1975

    Prabhupada: No. That means it is simply talking. It has no realization. Unless you understand that you are not this body -- you are spirit soul -- there is no question of inward. That we have to study first of all, whether I am this body, or I am something within this body. That is inward. But that they do not understand. There is no education in the school, college or university. Everyone is thinking "I am this body." You see? Just like in this country, everywhere: "We are South African. They are Indian. They are this. They are this. They are this." So whole bodily concept, the whole world... "I am American," "I am Indian," "I am German." So this Krsna consciousness movement means it starts when one is above the bodily conception of life. Then the starting begins.

    Faill: So the recognition of the spark comes first.

    Prabhupada: Ha. Recognition of the spirit soul within this body, that is first education. Unless one understands this simple fact, there is no question of spiritual advancement.

    Faill: Is it a question of just understanding it?

    Prabhupada: Yes. For the time, in the beginning, first of all theoretical, theoretical.

    Faill: Intellectually accept it.

    Prabhupada: Theoretical. That is a fact. Unless there are two department of knowledge, theoretical and practical... So first of all, one has to learn theoretical. That much knowledge one must have. Then, by practicing, working on that spiritual platform, he comes to the practical life.

  • tirthadas April 2006
    What point are you trying to make?
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
    Bhagavad-gita as it is: 3.38

    As fire is covered by smoke, as a mirror is covered by dust, or as the embryo is covered by the womb, similarly, the living entity is covered by different degrees of this lust.

    There are three degrees of covering of the living entity by which his pure consciousness is obscured. This covering is but lust under different manifestations like smoke in the fire, dust on the mirror, and the womb about the embryo. When lust is compared to smoke, it is understood that the fire of the living spark can be a little perceived. In other words, when the living entity exhibits his Kåñëa consciousness slightly, he may be likened to the fire covered by smoke. Although fire is necessary where there is smoke, there is no overt manifestation of fire in the early stage. This stage is like the beginning of Kåñëa consciousness. The dust on the mirror refers to a cleansing process of the mirror of the mind by so many spiritual methods. The best process is to chant the holy names of the Lord. The embryo covered by the womb is an analogy illustrating a helpless position, for the child in the womb is so helpless that he cannot even move. This stage of living condition can be compared to that of the trees. The trees are also living entities, but they have been put in such a condition of life by such a great exhibition of lust that they are almost void of all consciousness. The covered mirror is compared to the birds and beasts, and the smoke covered fire is compared to the human being. In the form of a human being, the living entity may revive a little Kåñëa consciousness, and, if he makes further development, the fire of spiritual life can be kindled in the human form of life. By careful handling of the smoke in the fire, the fire can be made to blaze. Therefore the human form of life is a chance for the living entity to escape the entanglement of material existence. In the human form of life, one can conquer the enemy, lust, by cultivation of Kåñëa consciousness under able guidance.

    This to me is saying the soul is covered, by these subtle elements [lust, greed, anger]. When they are taken away the spiritual consciousness of the soul [good qualities] are exhibited more so. So theoritically if we give up these practices it is possible to percieve the soul, but not otherwise. So first of all anybody would need to practically apply this process is their lives. Otherwise you remain at the 'theory stage' which always leads to speculations. Specualtions exsist when the mind or intelligence cannot understand a matter which is exsisting in another atmosphere and is beyond it's own reach. The covering is this lust. Which is just a subtle element, 'covering' of something which is not exactly material but it is.

    So the only way to remove these subtle elements is by doing something opposite to it. Something which can kill it. For example in science you have these 3 stages [theory, practice, conclution]. Big bang, evolution has not gone beyond the theory stage. But in spiritual life we accept theoritially the soul exsists and that this is the real thing. Science is looking for the mysteries of the Universe. But it believes when you die that is it. If you are DEAD, what are you looking for? So even though they deny the exsistance of the soul. They are STILL searching for something which is contadicting their philosophy. If your DEAD, why search? It doesn't make any sence at all. So Sciptures say we are searching for this soul. And God. It GIVES the answer.
  • Radhe Krishna,

    Pankaja Dasji, Radhe Krishna,

    U have narrated about three avagunas. Ofcourse, u have quoted from Bhagavath gita and through explanation given by Shri prabupada. This is really wonderful but requires patient and concentrated reading.

    I have gone through the lifes and times of great vaishnava souls which are completely filled with atmagunas.Humility, patience, love, peace,sincereness, honesty, discipline. The incidents in the life of great souls ---------like nivruthi, gnanadev, sopana, mukthabai, tukaram, ekanath, Shridara Ayyaval, Marudanallur sadguru swamigal, Thiagarajar, the six dsciples of chaitanya mahaprabhu (the six goswamis viz., rupa, sanathana, jeeva, raghunatha dasa, raghunatha batta and gopalabataa), the saints in madva sampradaya like ashta dasas, the alwars of srivaishnava sampradaya-------- are examples of how they have put in practice the noble atmagunas even in times of difficulties.

    I very sincerely feel to be near to god, we should all develop atmagunas.

    My experience in practicing atmagunas is as follows :

    1 The best : Try to practice atmagunas as much as u can
    2.The better : Don't indulge in activities which are forbidden by scriptures (Smrthis) which lord says as "Shruthi smrthir mamaivagya"
    3. The good : if u deviate from atmagunas or indulge in activities either intentionally or unintentionally atleast, in ur mind alert that u r on the path of deviation. if i do something wrong, even to know that i am doing something wrong, i think , would give an opportunity to the sould committing something wrong.

    This is how I try to follow things. I always like people who remind me if i deviate from sadhu lakshanas.

    Nice topic written in a nice way pankaja dasji.

    Radhe krishna.
  • I think of a star as the outward manifestation of the soul.
    Brother Sun, Sister moon, Mother Earth, Father Krishna.
    If we think of the soul as an inner star(point of light) and one of the many stars in the universe as oneself also the mind boggles. :roll:
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