Radhe Radhe Krsna Krsna
  • My name is Kaunteya das and your forum has a nice sincere 'feel', so I have joined.

    You ask for an introduction, well this is rather long I know, but it is interesting and contains many hard learned lessons you may perhaps find helpful.

    I have a fascinating story to tell and one that shows the strange turns on the road of a spiritual traveller, as well as some of the history of Krishna consciousness.

    I started my journey in 1965 when I headed for India at the age of 18 and by chance ended at the Kumbha mela on the Ganges at Varnasi and Allahabad.

    There I met many Holy men and one amazing looking swami just looked at me for about 1 minute and something inside me awoke. I thought I'd just seen God (the Bible image God) in human form. He just gazed at me and walked away. That one encounter I have never forgotten in 41 years.

    Shortly after I was given the Bhagavad Gita by another yogi to read. I remembver thinking this is the way to live my life. I became a devotee of Lord Krishna there and then.

    In 1967 I met and fell completely in love with Robyn in Australia and we were married Flower Power style 2 weeks later. She had 3 children already and had come out of an abusive marriage.

    We studied at the Theosophical Society, she was an expert palmist and astrologer, chanted the Rosary and was always happy first thing in the morning.

    We read many Indian masters books and moved to New Zealand to avoid me being sent to Vietnam. There we met Siddha Swarup and the Haribols, a friendly singing, chanting, feast giving group who were probably the first to split from Iskcon. For some years we simply attended their chanting, dancing and feasting. They were happy years and our kids loved it.

    By then we had 7 children and I was still only 25 years old. Then we received a magazine about the Gurukul in Vrindavan and wanted to know how to get our 4 boys there.

    We were told that it was run by Iskcon, which was the first time we realized there were different groups. So we went to visit Iskcon. Really we knew nothing about Iskcon but Robyn was determined to find out more about the school, for she had a wonderful convent upbringing at Lorettos in Sydney .

    It was now 1978 and the energy of Srila Prabhupada was still everywhere. Our eldest son was 9 years old and asked to stay at the temple farm for the weekend, we said OK and we would pick him up at the Sunday feast.

    When we got there he had shaved up and wanted to be sent to Vrindavan Gurukul!

    At the age of 10 he boarded a plane and flew alone into New Delhi to attend Gurukul. I remember standing at the airport with Robyn and watching that plane leave. Tears were streaming down our faces. Three months later our other 3 boys all left for Vrindavan.

    We were told we needed initiation from Bhavananda and that Siddha Swarup was not bonafide. This we did and we became Ulupi and kaunteya and got involved in helping the temple to raise funds to build a new temple room and send 20 devotees to India.

    Now please remember in those days Bhavananda was a wonderful, sincere and dedicated Srila Prabhupada servant. I have not seen him in 20 years so I cannot say anymore. I can say that my boys never complained to me about him whilst at Gurukul. Now that they are all grown men they have told me all that occured and Bhavananda was very good to them.

    We were successful in our candle making business and in January 1980 we left for India with almost the whole temple for their first trip to Vrindavan.

    Ulupi's first 3 children were not interested in Krishna and they all stayed in New Zealand.

    We left with our first daughter who was very keen to see her 4 brothers. At Mayapur we were reunited and it was pure ecstacy, they had travelled by bus from Vrindavan to Mayapur. By now they were little vaisnavas and wonderful mrdunga players and singers.

    This is how it will be like when we are reunited with young Krsna we thought. It was just sheer bliss for all of us. I remember devotees watching us as we all hugged and smiled and laughed. Just a joyous transcendental moment I'll never forget.

    At that festival I remember seeing all eleven 'new gurus' sitting on their 'thrones' and realizing they were all the same age or youger than me. I said to a devotee beside me. "Eleven green bottles sitting on a wall, and if one green bottle should accidentaly fall".

    It just looked so obvious what was going to happen. They were just far too young for such an exalted position. One of my young boys came to me later and said he had a dream.

    "Peta (Dad) I dreamed of Srila Prabhupada, he came to me and he was trying to get on his vyasasan but was struggling, he turned to me and said, "I can't get on my seat. There are just too many people sitting on it."" I thought, from the heart and dream of a child, the truth appeared.

    Instead of returning to New Zealand we decided to remain in Vrindavan. As far as we were concerned we had made it back home Back to Godhead and we were happy to stay there forever.

    That decision immediately showed us the other side of Iskcon. That is another story. This is already much longer than I planned.

    Apologies for the long intro. I'll give you the rest if you should be interested, sometime in the future.

    Radhe Radhe Krsna Krsna.

    Kaunteya das
  • namaste kaunteya das

    One of Leadbeater's diciples in deed.
    Do you remember Krishnamurti(circa 1907)
    You have been blessed with shaktipat......energy infusion activating your higher facilities.

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    All the best my friend.
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