Can Krishna Heal Me From Schizophrenia?
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    My name is Mikhail Leonidovich Fayn. I started this topic, because I have schizophrenia since 1994A.D. I want to discuss karma and everything of that nature here also, since I heard it is very pivotal in healing. I believe that some God, whatever his name may be Krishna, or someone else is punishing me for what I have done wrong in the past.
    As, we all know noone is perfect. As, I was walking with my mother today and going home on West 42nd Street, and 5th Avenue, in Manhattan, some Bulgarian guy named Tihamoor which means "A Quiet Person" in Russian has handed me a book about Vedic philosophy and Hara Krishna chant card. He charged $1.00 only for it. But, that's not the most important thing. I asked him. Can Hara Krishna heal me from schizophrenia or not today? He said. "Each morning between 5:00-7:00A.M. Eastern U.S.A. time you chant this mantra and you will develop a peace of mind like you never imagined possible. So, my question tonight is? I'm typing this from New York City, New York. Can Krishna remove the punishment that he placed on me in 1994A.D. for whatever karmic reasons it may be or not? I feel that he is punishing me, and that's why sometimes I go crazy like there is no tomorrow.
    Sincerely, yours
    Mikhail Leonidovich Fayn
    P.S. I'm new to this forum. So, let's talk, pray, encourage, and explain to one another how Hara Krishna can assist us in all our troubles and forgive us all our sins which I'm positive many of us have anyway.
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    haribol mikhail

    gouranga and hope you are going on the way and it is helping. best wishes, big patience, endurance power and good luck..
    just keep on chanting and krishna helps you

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    :D Hari Mikhail,

    Krsna is all powerful and can remove anything from anyone at anytime.

    Although in saying this the law of Karma is there because we have offended mother nature and in turn must pay for that action every action has a reaction we know this in our own lives with just daily issues.

    So when we come to a point were as yourself is experiencing, we must unfortunately tolerate it. As Srila Prabhupada says make the best out of a bad bargain. And it sounds like you have started...Your own individual Karma has brought you here to this point of schizophrenia.I know that sounds harsh but you have no way of knowing what previous activities brought you to this exzact point in your life. ( nobody does ) except KRSNA. We are all paying for previous activities, but the good news is.. we can get out of this place if we simply learn Krsna Consciousness, i encourage you to learn this science with an open mind and positive re enforcement of fellow devotees. This is the only medicine that is on offer, never to repeat the cycle of birth and death that brings so much suffering upon the eternal soul.

    I would not bother with the Gayatri mantra as suggested above as this is for self realized souls and is part of a lengthy process. That must be taught by the spiritual master.

    Good luck in yr quest for enlightenment 8)

    Ki Jaya!
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    This was posted in melbournes ISKCON newsletter, I thought you might like it.

    Here is a story from our book distribution team.

    Vraja Nari gives out Srila Prabhupada’s books in Swanston St. Six months ago she noticed one particular street guy: middle-aged with long unkempt hair and beard. He would sit sprawled on the pavement with a vacant look, arms and legs outstretched, and an old blanket beside him. Vraja thought he was begging.

    The man began coming up to Vraja when he saw her in the street. He wanted to look at the books and touch them. Then he would walk away.

    One day she bent down and dropped a damaged Bhagavad-gita onto his blanket. Leon’s eyes opened wide as he recognised it! Later he gave Vraja a few coins he had collected. From then on whenever he saw her, he would ask ‘Do you have any more books?’

    As time passed, he gave Vraja larger donations for more of Srila Prabhupada’s books. Leon seemed to become more and more conscious of his surroundings. One day Vraja gave him a set of beads. ‘Chant Hare Krishna like this,’ she showed him.

    Vraja began to see Leon in the Crossways library. He would sit on the floor in front of a picture of Krishna, chanting on his beads. Vraja had never seen anyone so obviously enlivened by Srila Prabhupada’s books. But still he asked, ‘Do you have any more books?’

    ‘I think you’ve got all of them now,’ Vraja smiled. Then she thought of the sets of Srimad-Bhagavatams kept upstairs. ‘Leon, do you remember the Bhagavad-gita? I’ve got a set of books like that I can show you.’

    His face lit up. ‘Yes, please!’ he begged. So Vraja brought down a Bhagavatam set. Pulling a wad of notes from his coat, he bought the lot! ‘Do you live in the street?’ she asked. ‘No, I live in a hostel. I’ve got schizophrenia,’ he replied. ‘But soon I will be getting my own place.’

    As time went on Leon asked more: ‘Why do the men shave their heads?’

    ‘Srila Prabhupada wanted his students to be clean,’ Vraja told him. The next day she found his beard gone, his hair cropped short.

    Leon’s new flat doesn’t have any furniture. It does have a beautiful picture of Srila Prabhupada chanting, Srila Prabhupada’s books piled around it. Leon uses a new blue duster to carefully clean his picture and his books.

    And now he asks Vraja timidly, ‘Are there many devotees at the temple? Are they chanting kirtana?’

    ‘…Wake up, sleeping souls!’ Lord Gauranga calls, ‘You have slept so long in the lap of the witch Maya!...I have brought the medicine for destroying the illusion of Maya. Now beg for this hari-nama-maha-mantra and take it.’ (Bhaktivinode Thakur: Arunodaya Kirtana)

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  • Har Hari
    namste Mikhail :)

    Also.., stay away from antagonistic forces of any kind.
    avoid mind altering substances.
    keep your body healthy.
    don't listen to those who speak of disorders and create stigma.
    and most importantly, work on synchronising your walk with your talk.
    if your reality is out of synch. with your model of reality...gently as
    you go. hari krisna