My Altar
  • November 2006
    Hello, I am very happy to see my altar every day and to offer my humble obeisances and Incense, water, food, fire (candle) to Krishna. You can see my altar here:


    As you can see, I only have Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in the center, then on the left Sri Lakshmi Devi (a deity I bought a week ago). I still miss a picture of Krishna&Radha and Prabhupada itself, but I am very careful since my parents think that my altar is decoration for my room because I love India so much, and they ask nothing further. So If I put pictures of Krishna and Radha and Prabhupada, they might get worried and ask questions.

    I also have two small Elephants, place for Incenses, Vaze with Flowers, candles, plastic lotus flower, and bell for offerings.

    So what do you think? :)
  • rezervatom November 2006
    it's really pretty, tough the plastic lotus
  • November 2006

    I say go for it get your Radha Krsna Pop them in the centre Prabhupada on the left Chaitanya & Associates on your right. Your parents, you can say it brings good fortune into the house, which will benefit the whole family. That will keep them at bay till they learn more.
    I tried to put an image in of one of my first alters but it didnt work. Nevermind!