• November 2006
    My first experience of Krishna would have been when I was about 7 or 8 watching th e devotees chant up and down queen st.
    Fasinated by the chiming and now known by myself as Kartalas.
    My mother would usher me on quickly spounting words like werido's..nutty people.
    I then heard nothing from Krsna till early twenties when I came to a book store that at the time didnt realise was about to change my life.

    Just about to walk out as I had my reflexology book I had come in to purchase when I was guided to a particular row in a particular shelf that had smiling Prabhupadas face gracing the cover. I thought he looks like a man who knows whats going on.. so I grabbed that book The Science of Self Relization and a book next to it THe Bhagavad Gita As it is.

    I read furiously through the first one, and felt the blow of realisim hit me hard good but hard. I immediately tried to better my life by surrounding myself with paraphenelia of Krishna and associates, lectures, listening to Devotees, chanting and worshiping the Lords names. And after 7 miniscule years I would have to say I have learnt more in those 7 years than in the rest of my life.
    One night I remember feeling in a rather Krishnaized mood as I was chanting while checking the mailbox at like 11pm I looked up and saw the moon disappear behind a cloud, I called to Krishna to show me his beautiful eye and as I said this the cloud moulded into an eye brow as the moon sat asthetically perfect within it and my heart melted. I will never forget that. Krishna is everywhere and in everything, the complete balance of all we can see with our imperfect senses.
    Srila Prabhupada All Glories to You! The pure devotee of the Lord sent here to help this fallen planet remember the Lords name and started this silent revolution.
    Hare to Lord Chaitanya, who is Krishna himself incarnated for this age who without his mercy we would never have known Krishna's name in all its splendor.
    Hare to Sria Bhaktisiddhanta who delievered this world from it s impersonlism and voidism through dedicating his life to his spiritual master and determination that the west would hear the name of KRSNA!
    Hare Krishna and my humble obesiances to all the Devotees of the world. Exceptional people who dedicate their lives to enlightining us poor souls. :D :D
  • amit1947 December 2006
    I bow to you great vaishnava. This world needs more people like you! Jai Sri Krishna!
  • Sanju September 2012
    Hare Krsna !!! All glories unto Lord Krsna