Guru and God
  • sridatta1 February 2007
    Guru and God

    The right half of Datta is Guru and the left half of Datta is God. Rama is God and Hanuman is Guru. The same Datta is split into two halves. Rama is incarnation of Vishnu. Hanuman is incarnation of Shiva. Veda says ‘Shivascha Narayanah’ i.e., Vishnu is Shiva. So Rama is the left half and Hanuman is the right half of Datta. Guru needs the Supernatural powers (Ashta siddhis) for the sake of the disciples. Sometimes a disciple doubts the divinity of Guru. To prove His divinity the Guru has to perform some miracles. Sita doubted Hanuman. So Hanuman grew his body (Viswa Roopam) and showed the proof. Similarly when Ravana lighted his tail with fire, the tail did not burn. That was a miracle showed to Ravana. Sita believed Hanuman but Ravana did not believe. For both Sita and Ravana he described about Rama, the God. Thus He is Guru for both. Sita is a good disciple and Ravana is a bad disciple.

    In the case of Lord Krishna, He is both Guru and God i.e., two in one system. He preached and also showed Viswaroopam to both Arjuna and Duryodhana. Arjuna being a good disciple believed. Duryodhana being a bad disciple did not believe. Krishna told that He is the God. So He is Gurudeva. This shows that preaching and showing miracles are useful only in the case of deserving devotees.

    Sita represents an ordinary soul (Jeeva). After marriage she stayed with the Lord for about 12 years in Ayodhya. Due to continuous long association, negligence to Lord developed in her mind. When Rama was going to forest, he asked her to stay at Ayodhya. Then she criticized Rama saying ‘You are a female in the form of a male’. Such negligence weakens the bond with the Lord. The golden deer attracted her, which is nothing but the bond with money. She was stolen by the ten-headed Ravana who represents the various family bonds and she suffered a lot. Then she cried for Rama who is the Lord. Then Hanuman in the form of Guru approached her. Hanuman described Rama from top to bottom. This means Guru explains that the real form of God is only the human form. Hanuman killed the demons there. This means that the Guru cuts all the worldly bonds, which trouble the soul. Hanuman burnt the Golden Lanka. Sita reached the Golden Lanka through the attachment to Golden deer. This means due to the bond with money the soul gets lot of wealth. Sita suffered in Lanka. This means that the soul suffers due to excess of wealth. Hanuman warned Ravana. This means Guru also teaches the family bonds of that soul to get salvation.

    Hanuman returned back and appealed Rama to save Sita immediately. Similarly a Guru recommends to God to protect the devotee. Rama immediately killed Ravana and saved Sita. This means the Lord will cut all the family bonds and uplifts you. Even after reaching Rama, Sita suffered due to her sins. She blamed Lakshmana in the forest and due to that sin she suffered. This means after achieving the Lord also, the devotee has to suffer his own sins.

    When Rama sent Sita to the forest Sita told ‘Kalyanabuddheh…..’ i.e., “Oh! Rama you are kind. This is only due to my sins.” She never blamed Rama and suffered her sins silently. Similarly one should not blame the Lord while suffering his own sins. He should suffer the sins with silence. Rama also suffered after leaving Sita. Similarly the Lord also suffers for your sins. Atlast, Rama gave the permanent place with Him in the upper world to Sita. This means that if you are prepared to suffer your sins and still love the Lord, you will get a permanent place in the heart of the Lord.

    In the case of Krishna also, Yadavas neglected the advice of Krishna due to long association. They swallowed the wine and killed each other. Arjuna also criticized Krishna when he was fighting for the sake of Gaya. Arjuna gave more importance to Dharma than Swami in protecting Gaya. But Gopikas gave more importance to Swami than Dharma and danced with Lord Krishna in Brindavanam. Gopikas got salvation after that birth but Arjuna has to be born again as a hunter.

    When the hunter proved the climax of his love by offering his eyes, he got salvation. Similarly Hanuman also fought with Rama to protect Yayathi who was given protection by the mother of Hanuman. Hanuman gave more importance to his mother than Swami. He realized his mistake and rectified it in his next incarnation i.e., Sankaracharya. Both Hanuman and Sankaracharya are the incarnations of Shiva. Sankaracharya left his mother for the sake of Swami and thus rectified his previous mistake.

    In all these cases, ‘Maya’ covers the minds of the disciples. Arjuna realized Krishna as God when he heard Gita and saw the Viswa Roopam. But for 18 days Krishna behaved like a driver when the chariot comes back to the army tent, Krishna gets down first and opens the door of the chariot. Then only Arjuna as a owner of the Chariot gets down. Such humbleness of Krishna misled Arjuna to think Krishna as an ordinary man. Already the incarnation is a human being.

    Due to this itself one will be captured by the ‘Maya’. Further when the Lord shows such submissive nature the ‘Maya’ is doubled. On the eighteenth day Krishna asked Arjuna to get down first. Arjuna hesitated but Krishna shouted. Then Arjuna got down. Then Krishna also got down. Then the chariot was burnt. So in this incident we can understand the behaviour of Arjuna. Even great devotees like Arjuna were affected by His ‘Maya’. Arjuna was Nara Rishi and was associated with Narayana during the past several births. When such Arjuna could not come out of the illusion, you cannot expect an ordinary human devotee to come out of the ‘Maya’ exhibited by the human incarnation of God.