Pravrutti and Nivrutti
  • sridatta1 September 2007
    Pravrutti and Nivrutti

    God comes in human form – to set up Pravrutti and Nivrutti,
    For Pravrutti, angels follow Him, - monkeys were angels of Rama,
    Pandavas were also angels, - assisted Krishna to protect justice.
    For Nivrutti, closest circle and – top most sages follow Him.
    Some times God Himself comes – in the role of assistant also.
    Gopikas were top most sages, - Radha was God Himself,
    Lakshmana was Adishesha, - from innermost circle to show
    The path of firm devotion in service, - Hanuman was God Himself.
    These groups assisting God are – called as Ganas, He is their Lord,
    Hence, He is called as Ganapathi, - all divine names stand for Him.
    He is Brahma since greatest here, - He is Vishnu pervading world by
    His preaching of divine knowledge, - Narayana means source of
    Divine knowledge only, Shiva means – sacred in spite of the Maya
    Exhibited by Him in testing devotees, - Satguru is the final meaning.