Without total – sacrifice, how God can be pleased by you?
  • sridatta1 October 2007
    Without total – sacrifice, how God can be pleased by you?In Nivrutti God is the only aim, - In Pravrutti your happiness is the aim
    And God is only instrument to – achieve the happiness and is secondary.
    For Pravrutti there is no need of – human form of God, the power of God
    Is pervading all over the world, - you can pray in any way and get benefit.
    You can serve statue or pray – formless God, God’s power responds to you.
    Only for Nivrutti, human incarnation – is very much essential from beginning.
    You think that God needs certain – specific number of liberated souls
    In every year through Nivrutti, - otherwise God’s post is not retained!
    You think that you will demand – God for all facilities in Nivrutti also
    Since God has to save His post, - God’s value must be realized fully.
    A sage was doing penance for – Nivrutti and a mad devotee is dancing,
    Both asked sage Narada to – ask God for the time of their future salvation.
    Narada came back and told – the sage that salvation comes in four births,
    He told the devotee that – salvation for him takes millions of births.
    The sage became impatient, but – the devotee danced with happiness
    Shouting that he gets salvation – so quickly, immediately God said that
    The devotee is liberated at once – and not the sage, what is this?
    It means that the devotee understood – the real value of God, where as
    The sage under estimated the value – of God and hence God’s reaction.
    If the value of God is not properly – understood, you will have all sorts of
    Fear and tension, without total – sacrifice, how God can be pleased by you?

    Total sacrifice or surrender should be – also natural but not by any effort.
    Hanuman and sages understood the – real value of God first and then only
    Reached the human form of God, - to serve Him and sacrifice to Him totally.
    The fruit was not in their view, - the fruit that was aspired by them was only
    Continuation of their service to Him, - more than that, it was only God’s will.
    Truth is very pungent but Nivrutti – is always based on absolute truth only.