Value of God is known Only by the spiritual knowledge
  • sridatta1 October 2007
    Value of God is known Only by the spiritual knowledge
    The value of Nivrutti is infinite – none can pay its actual value.
    Its value is decided as total – sacrifice and total surrender of self.
    It may be just one rupee for – beggar and crore for crore owner,
    Little flour for Saktuprastha was – sufficient to purchase Nivrutti,
    Even crores of wealth of Dharma Raja – could not purchase it since
    Some thing remained after charity, - this is the justified value of God.
    Since a beggar purchased Nivrutti – just by one rupee, a crore lord
    Should not think that he can – also purchase it by one rupee only.
    The real value is infinite and – this is only the maximum possible value.
    You are sacrificing price for – priceless items in the world by ignorance.

    You have overestimated value – of items, which have no value at all!
    When God comes to you to sell – Himself for the same price since
    You have that much only, for – the possible maximum available
    Value in your case, even though – He has infinite value, you do not
    Pay even the price you have paid – for the valueless items in world.
    A chain of diamonds is waste for – a monkey and its value for it is
    One rupee by which some white – fruits similar to diamonds can be
    Purchased, when the monkey couldn’t – eat diamonds, it is thrown,
    Its value is not even one rupee, - monkey does not know real value,
    Since it is ignorant of value of – diamonds, value of God is known
    Only by the spiritual knowledge, - Jnana yoga is very important
    Through out spiritual progress, - hence Shankara stressed on it.
    A village lady got the same chain – of diamonds, its value for her
    Is only ten rupees, since she purchased – a similar chain of
    White beads, she cannot discriminate – diamonds and white beads.
    When the chain is lost – she does not bother about it since just
    Ten rupees are lost for her, - again ignorance is the basis here.

    A diamond merchant got it, - he knows its real value and hence
    Dances with bliss and hides it – in a locker carefully and if it is
    Lost, he will cry for it throughout – his life and is severely shocked.
    The reason here is the knowledge – of the real value of diamonds.

    Atheist is monkey who throws God – finding no trace of use from Him.
    Village lady is a devotee in Pravrutti, - God is just an instrument to
    Achieve worldly happiness, if God is – lost, just an instrument is lost,
    You have alternative worldly means - to achieve worldly happiness.
    The merchant is a devotee of – Nivrutti giving highest value to God.
    There are some special people, - one says that he does not need the diamonds at all.
    He feels that the diamond seller is – running after him to give chain freely
    And since he is not in need, he is – refusing it! If he feels that unless
    The seller sells the chain; he will be – punished by the king and so far
    None turned to purchase it, fearing – for punishment he is requesting us
    To take chain freely, then some body – may also demand some money
    Along with chain so that the seller – is saved from punishment of king.