Human incarnation is God in a - liberated soul, two componen
  • sridatta1 October 2007
    Human incarnation is God in a - liberated soul, two component system
    Human incarnation is God in a - liberated soul, two component system.
    God wants to enjoy role of ignorance, - but He can’t be fully ignorant.
    Sun never becomes black even – if it is covered by darkest cloud.
    Hence God takes the assistance of - the liberated soul for this here.
    The liberated soul is product of ignorance – it can act real ignorance.
    Krishna can steal feeling that the butter – belongs to others only.
    God can never get that feeling – since He knows that He is the owner of
    This entire creation, Krishna steals – and gets insult by scolding of others.
    This real feeling of insult is – transmitted to unified God immediately.

    Now God can enjoy the insult – simply by unifying with the soul.
    God compensates this by giving – credit in lifting Govardhana hill.
    In the gross body of incarnation, - soul becomes God by this unity.
    But dualism is always the truth, - gold and copper are alloyed together.
    In this alloy atoms of gold are – separately seen from copper atoms
    Through microscope, but, for – general external view it is only gold.

    Gold being major component and – copper being minor component,
    Vishishta Advaita is also true, - it is a single phase due to inseparable
    Components and monism is true, - all three aspects are simultaneously
    True, the liberated soul is just a slave, - as good as inert gross body.
    Hence, only God lives in gross body – perfect monism is truly attained.
    When the soul becomes inert energy – in deep sleep as usual as in
    Ordinary human beings, God alone – is left over in body of incarnation.
    Now monism is true literally – word by word, since soul is now inert.
    Shankara refers to God left over – in deep sleep in the case of
    Human incarnation only, - not in every human being, since awareness
    Is converted into inert energy – totally and none is aware here.
    He refers to God Shiva, Himself – alone left over in deep sleep.
    The system of human body – is maintained by the will power of God
    That pervaded all over world – to maintain and control everything.
  • Takes two to tango! 8)