The existence of God is experienced in the human incarnation
  • sridatta1 December 2007
    The existence of God is experienced in the human incarnation
    98) Naraavataarepi tadastitvaanubhavo vidyullataayaamiva
    naastikatvapratishedhamaatrah .

    (Even in the human incarnation, the existence of God is experienced, as in the case of electric wire, to negate atheism only).
    Even in the case of human incarnation, the existence of unimaginable God is experienced, but not any characteristic of the unimaginable God. The human being charged by God is treated as God by devotees, but on true analysis, neither the human being is God, nor God is the human being. The current is a stream of electrons and the metallic wire is a continuously bound chain of metallic crystals. When the metallic wire is charged by current, the metallic wire is treated as current, but this does not mean that the stream of electrons (current) is actually converted in to the chain of metallic crystals straightly. Hence, even in the human incarnation, God is not experienced, but only the existence of God in the human being is experienced. If the existence of God cannot also be experienced, there is a danger of conclusion of non-existence of God leading to atheism. Hence, God in human form gives proof for His existence only to condemn atheism. This should not be misunderstood as the direct experience of God or God’s characteristics.
  • The massiah complex is often suffered due to ego embracing divine empowerment. Quality(God's grace) and Quantity(Infinite Universe) can only be fully embraced by the creator. If God was here in human form I am sure we would all feel the effect. Based on the desperate state of human kind and the volatile condition of the planet at present, I believe the demi-god's are here laying out the red carpet for our lords return or simply trying to wake us up before we destroy ourselves.
    I am tired of hearing only about humans and our foolish arrogance. How can we be so stupid as to ignore the rest of the species on this planet and so irresponsible to destroy her beauty. We must end the wars and stop wasting precious resources which should be efficiently and effectively focussed on saving our planet before she destroys us.
    Blessed be.

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  • sridatta1 March 2008


    The massiah complex is often suffered due to ego embracing divine empowers are here laying out the red carpet for our lords return or sike anyone.
    Hari Om Tat Sat
    Om Shanti

    The human incarnation comes in every generation

    The human incarnation comes in every generation but you are not coming in every generation. The rebirth as human being is almost impossible and completely impossible as per Christianity. In such case you are having only one chance to contact the human incarnation present in your generation. If you miss this, never again this luck comes. The next meeting with God is direct where He acts as judge. Therefore, there is no second coming of Jesus for you and you will meet God finally only.

    In this way the second coming of Jesus at the end can be understood. But if you say that you cannot meet the human incarnation in your present generation, you are not having the opportunity even for once. In such case, why a particular generation in which God came in human form as Jesus was only blessed? They had the extra fortune and this means God is partial to that generation. Therefore, every person in every generation will have the equal chance of coming in contact with the human incarnation once in his or her life and the final contact with God in the energetic form as judge.

    Therefore, the impartial God comes again and again for every generation (Yada Yada hi…..Gita) but you are not having the chance to meet the human incarnation again since you have no human rebirth. One may get the human rebirth in extreme exceptional situation and you should not depend on that because it involves high risk. The human birth, the urge for salvation and coming in contact with the human incarnation are the three real fortunes and the importance increases from left to right in the order. Therefore, simply having the human birth and having the urge by taking orange robe are not sufficient.

    Unless you contact the Lord in human form and get the right knowledge for correct implementation, every thing is waste (Manushyatvam Mumukshatvam, Mahapurasha Samsrayah, Durlabham—Sankara). There is no quarrel if you say that the second coming of Jesus is only at the end because every one is having the equal chance. But if you say that I have to worship the past human incarnation only even in the present generation, then the equal opportunity is not given to Me when I am compared to the human being present in that generation in which Jesus came directly and clarified all the doubts face to face. I must have such equal privilege and here the quarrel comes with you since you deny the equal opportunity.

    The second coming is final with respect to every human being but not with respect to God because in such case several human generations miss the chance of direct contact with God in human form except that one particular human generation. Even if you say that Jesus told that His second coming is only final, it is true with respect to every human being and not with respect to Him. You have misinterpreted this statement by extending it with reference to Jesus also because you want to exploit the people in the name of past Jesus and get personal fame and other facilities from the devotees. You are in no way different from the priests present in that time of Jesus.

    Both of you do not admit the human form of Lord. Both of you keep the past which is invisible (invisible Jebhova or invisible Jesus) before the devotees and earn money and fame. The only difference between you both is that that priest got Jesus killed through the court and you cannot do that in the present time. The repulsion towards the human form before eyes is common to both the priests and devotees. But in the case priests there is an extra factor that they may lose fame and offerings from the devotees because they get benefited standing at the back ground of the invisible form of God or inert form of God.

    In the case of devotees, this extra factor does not exist because they are prepared to sacrifice for God and they are not losing since they do not receive. Any Guru or Priest immediately resists human form of God based on these two factors since he fears that the human form may get the fame or their offerings. Thus, there is political, economical and social issue of psychology in this spiritual line. Attraction to fame and money associated with jealously and egoism is the main back ground and Lord Datta brings out the truth that is buried up to any depth. All the details of truth are known to the omniscient God. Veda says that the knowledge of God is always based on truth (Satyam Jnamam).
  • Hence it is said the path to the divine lies within.
    We look in all the wrong places instead of following our heart and surrendering our limited concepts to the divine.
    Reverence and devotion are necessary to constantly remind us where we fit in. I bring up global warming,etc., to illustrate just how far off track our human race has drifted from natural principals. I feel divinity is a natural part of life, yet even the great religions continue to antagonise each other. The proof is in the pudding....planet earth is a mess. For to long the enlightened people of the world have observed the blind leading the blind from our detatched perspectives. I believe necessity will eventually lead to more people of goodwill into positions of influence. When this critical mass is reached we will become more cohesive and better able to redirect this lost ship back onto course.
    Om Tat Sat