In Gita it is said that ‘No work binds Me’, What is the mean
  • sridatta1 January 2008
    In Gita it is said that ‘No work binds Me’, What is the meaning of this?

    God do not aspire for any fruit. He does not have any selfish aspiration. Therefore He need not do any selfish work. Here karma means the work done to achieve selfish goals. That will not touch Him and that cannot bind Him. He will not be bound by the work for achieving the selfish goals. Because He does not have any selfishness, there is nothing for Him to achieve for Himself. Work means work done to achieve a selfish goal. Unselfish work will not bind. Always a fellow is bound limited by selfish work only. Unselfish work never binds. Suppose you are going to do a job, this is my job, I have to maintain my family etc, with these attitude one goes to work then he gets tension. Suppose you are going to attend the job of your friend, you are not going for your selfishness, you are trying to help some body else, when some problem comes there will no tension for you.

    When you do your work, imagine that it is not your work and it is somebody else work you are doing, then you will be relieved from tension. When such is the state, even by assumption you are relieved of tension, and then if you really work for others you will really relieved from tension.