The unimaginable nature is only for the identification of un
  • sridatta1 January 2008
    The unimaginable nature is only for the identification of unimaginable God
    132) Na svarupamudhaasutravadabhijnaanam .

    (The unimaginable nature is only treated as characteristic for identification of unimaginable God like the yellow thread in the neck of a married lady standing for identification of her marriage).

    Since no characteristic of God is known, God is treated as unimaginable. This very aspect of God helps us to detect His existence in a specific medium. Since this aspect of unimaginable nature helps us to detect His existence, it can be treated as an aspect equivalent to the characteristic though it need not be the real characteristic. The yellow thread of a married lady is never removed and hence can act as the identifying mark to be treated as a characteristic. But, this does not mean that the yellow thread itself is a part and parcel of her body like her leg or hand, which is the real characteristic. Hence, the inseparable mark of identification need not be a real characteristic.