Angels are said to be the drinkers of cosmic energy
  • sridatta1 March 2008
    Angels are said to be the drinkers of cosmic energy
    177. Ushmapaanaat chit naadimandalena tatra naannapraanau.

    Translation: In the case of angels, the inert energy is directly grasped from cosmic energy, which generates awareness through the subtle nervous system and here there is no need of food and oxygen to generate inert energy.

    Explanation: The energetic bodies of angels do not have a digestive and respiratory systems to carry on the oxidation of food to generate inert energy which is the working element in the nervous system-machine to generate the awareness. Since angels travel in the region of vacuum also above the region of air, the respiratory system is impossible. The electromagnetic radiation travels even in vacuum, without air and hence the energetic body of the angel travels in vacuum, without air. Since angels do not take any food, neither air nor food is available for the generation of inert energy. These angels said to be the drinkers of cosmic energy (ushmapayinah). This means that the energetic bodies take the inert energy directly from cosmic energy, which enters the subtle nervous system and generates awareness. Since the human body does not have the ability to take cosmic energy directly, the food and air are required for the generation of inert energy. Hence, the awareness in a human body disappears in the absence of food and air. In the case of angels, since the inert energy is directly taken, the awareness is continuous even without food and air. The angels are called as animishas, which mean that their eyelids are never closed. This means that they never sleep. Hence angels are said to be relatively eternal compared to human beings.
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    Thank you for that information sridatta.
    That explains why they can travel anywhere instantaneously.
    E=MC2 disappears into E=MC*(*=variable Eternal Change)
    Sridatta, do you think Demons have the same capabilities as Angels?
    During meditation,prayer or times of divine intervention our human body can feel like a starship, yet when we straighten our knees and open our eyes physical reality reminds us of our limitations.
    Angels/Heaven vs Demons/hell or the Middle way as espoused by Buddha? The bodhisattva way of devoting our future being to the human cause and only aiming to return as human rather than the heaven or hell alternative.
    I consider myself to be a yogi based in the Indian traditions moving about in this consumer oriented world wondering why more people do not see the obvious.