Sacrifice that Which you don’t give to Anybody
  • sridatta1 May 2008
    Sacrifice that Which you don’t give to Anybody
    It is always great to give God that which you cannot give to anybody. What is the greatness in giving that which you can give to anyone? People easily give words and mind and there is no greatness in sacrificing such things. It is very difficult to sacrifice the fruit of work (money). Therefore the greatness lies in sacrificing work or the fruit of work. The Gita emphasized on Karma Phala Tyaga in view of the nearing Kali Yuga. Soon after the Mahabharata war, Kali entered. Since the Lord knows that in the Kali age, money, which is the fruit of the work, is going to be the topmost item, He emphasized the sacrifice of money (Karma Phala Tyaga) everywhere in the Gita. There are three Eshanas which are very strong bonds:

    1) Bond with money

    2) Bond with wife or husband

    3) Bond with children.

    Unless these three bonds are completely broken, salvation is not complete. Indians are very poor in the sacrifice of the fruit of their work, which is the real essence of the whole spiritual effort to reach God.

    In order to revise the syllabus for the benefit of the dull students in the class, the teacher conducts several revision sessions. Therefore the Lord is coming again and again in several human incarnations to India since Indians did not digest His preaching. Ironically, Indians take pride in the fact that the Lord incarnates so often in India! In foreign countries one incarnation was sufficient and therefore there was no reincarnation. The foreigners have digested the actual essence of the spiritual path by one lecture itself. They practice the Karma Phala Tyaga to the full extent.