Should we not ask god for help?
  • sridatta1 August 2008
    Should we not ask god for help?

    If you are ordinary person you should follow the rules of your deeds and nature. If you are a devotee, even then, you should not ask God for help. Your devotion must not aspire any result. You are asking God for help means that you want God to violate his own natural rules. The impression of millions of angles and sages is disturbed if God violates his own rules. That will give a poor impression on God. You are putting God to inconvenience by forcing Him to use His supernatural power. Whether you are a devotee or not, you must always try to solve your problems by putting your best effort.

    If you fail, even then, do not ask God to help you. Then, you think that it is your fate and worship God as usual .Therefore, if you put your best effort, still fail because it is beyond your limits, if you happen to be a real devotee and do not ask for the help from God, then you will be helped by the super power secretly. The secrecy is due to preservation of the sacredness of his administration in the eyes of others.
  • vishtharaj October 2009
    Hari Om!
    Why do you say we should not ask help to God. I dont agree to that. It is our stern belief that resides in our heart, that makes us ask for help from God. I am stern believer that no one else but Krishna can take us out of a suffering.

    I am always worshipping you Krishna whether i am happy or sad. While I am happy there is nothing much in particular to ask you but just plainly keep enjoying you in an unadulterated fashion. But when i am sad, I am still enjoying you as much as I can, but I am also asking u to relieve me of my suffering so I can enjoy you more, as much as i enjoyed u while i was happy. Ultimate aim is "Total Saranakadhi" - means Krishna I have given myself totally to you, just be with me at all times, like how a mother protects her baby. Definetly every man has to go thru' difficult times in his life bcos of our karmas. Krishna all that i am asking u is please be with me at all times and help me during my sorrows and sufferings.

    Lots of examples are there. Krishna had been the best friend and well-wisher of the Pandavas and draupadhi. All 5 of them and their wife were extreme devotees of Krishna. Whenever they had suffering, they would call out to Krishna, and he was always there to take them out of their sorrows. So there is totally nothing wrong to go and ask him for help. Infact only if u go and seek his help, will he point you to the right direction of how to get out of the suffering. May be by making u performa yagam or make u be guided by the best persons who could take u out of the sufferings. If u dont go and ask for help to Krishna and u think u can handle it all by yourself, my friend I strongly dont think thats the way to go.

    To treat sorrow and happiness equally needs a lot of maturity and practice. If u have attained such a stage in ur life, then probably there is no need to ask for help. But until that time, u definetly need help from Krishna and only Krishna.