Me and My Krishna
  • September 2008
    About a year ago our Mandir was visited by a Swamiji who was a disciple of Bhakti-yog Ras-avatar Jagadguru Sri Kripaluji Maharaj. Swamiji gave me a book his Master had written called Prem Ras Siddhant; The Philosophy of Divine Love. After reading the inspiring words of Sri Maharaj-ji my Love for Sri Sri Radha Krishna was increased to a level i could never have suspected before, and i gained true understanding of what it means to surrender completely to the Supreme Lord.

    On the night of the following Janmashtami, after celebrating Puja and worshiping Sri Sri Bhagavan Krishna's infant form, i had a wonderful dream. In his young child form, Sri Ganeshji Baba, was dancing along leading me through the forest. Ganeshji Baba has always been very dear to me, as i have been one who could appreciate greatly the need for the remover of obstacles. i have seen Him in many forms in my dreams, meditation and waking life.

    On this occasion he was skipping along through the forest and He lead me to a beautiful Lingam of perfectly clear crystal. He danced over and gave the Lingam a hug with his four arms. Milk and orange colored flowers began to trickle down from the Lingam as he held it. i walked closer to observe the spectacle and saw laying on the spout of the Yoni was the infant form of Sri Sri Krishna.

    i eagerly reached out to touch my Beloved Lord's Lotus Feet and He grasped my forefinger in His tiny hand and placed it in his mouth, as a baby would do. Instantly i was overwhelmed with a serge of Love and Bliss that caused a torrent of tears to poor from my eyes. When He released his grip on my finger i woke from the dream, tears still flowing down my face. To this day my eyes swell up with tears of love just remembering the wonderful gift bestowed upon this soul that fateful night.

    Since then the Beloved Lord has been ever with me, in my heart and in my mind. This humble servant has truly been blessed to have received the blessing of receiving not only a vision of the Beloved Master but to have been touched by His Grace. Sorrow has not come into my heart even once since that Holy night and I suspect it never will again. What room for sorrow is there in a heart so filled with love for Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

  • ilovekrishna September 2008
    You are the blessed one.. I must say that.

    I have also experienced lord krishna's presence around me. when the things go wrong and when that time gets over, I understand why that happened and I see Krishna's love for me in that, which saved me from many things..

    Even today when I am in a difficult situation, I sometimes forget Krishna.. I believe my love for him needs to increase.. May that Happens Very Soon.

    Jai Sri Krishna.
  • September 2008


    I have also experienced lord krishna's presence around me. when the things go wrong and when that time gets over, I understand why that happened and I see Krishna's love for me in that, which saved me from many things..

    Even today when I am in a difficult situation, I sometimes forget Krishna.. I believe my love for him needs to increase.. May that Happens Very Soon.

    Jai Sri Krishna.

    Radhey Radhey!

    The following knowledge is the cornerstone of constantly increasing Love for Sri Sri Radha Krishna. By constantly chanting the Lord's names and reflecting on his Divine Past times, and with this knowledge understood I believe one may progress through the stages of Bhakti (Love Devotion) with relative ease.

    There are 5 progressions through which all devotees pass in their journey to Divine Love for the Supreme Person (Radha Krishna). Firstly it should be known what the scriptures teach.

    -"The senses are beyond the objects of the senses; the mind is beyond the senses; the intellect is beyond the mind; beyond the intellect is the atma (soul); beyond the soul is Maya (delusion); the Supreme Person is beyond Maya"

    -"Because the Supreme Person is so far beyond the senses and the intellect, no one may perceive Him."

    This means that because our physical senses and physical mind are limited to the gross manifestation (unable to perceive that which is subtle or "beyond" them) and Radha Krishna is subtle, no one can ever perceive Him.

    Puzzlingly enough the scriptures also say,

    -"The human birth is a difficult birth to achieve, more difficult still is achieving birth in an auspicious household. It would be a grave mistake for any soul in a human birth to pass from this world never having known the Supreme Person."

    These scriptures though seemingly contradictory are anything but. It is well known that no one may perceive the Supreme Person but yet countless saints such as Tulsi Das and Ved Vayas have known Him. Arjuna even perceived the Supreme Person in His unmanifest form as all of creation and then cried out in terror, begging to only see the Personal form of Sri Bhagavan once again. How can this be?

    The scriptures also tell us that it is through Divine Grace alone that these Saints came to know the Supreme Person. How then is Divine Grace obtainable for the embodied soul? According to Tulsi Das,

    "His Divine Grace is gifted solely on those who surrender completely at His Holy Lotus Feet."

    Now it can be understood that in order to receive the Infinite Grace of the Supreme Person we must surrender completely to Him (practice Bhakti Yoga). Once we initiate this relationship with Him we begin progressing through the 5 stages of Bhakti (Surrender). Complete surrender to Him, is the kindling of the heart's fire of Divine Devotional Love.

    The first stage of Bhakti is a relationship like that of a servant to his master. In this stage we perceive the Supreme Person as our Master and ourselves (the souls) as servants. This is an easy thing for us to conceive. Subservience comes naturally to the embodied soul as it is naturally the servant of the Supreme Person. In this stage we are obedient to our Master and the Master is compassionate with us. When a servant is separated from his master he may become distraught and wish to return to his masters service. If the Master were to die the servant would grieve for an appropriate time and then carry on with his life. This is the type of devotion shared between a servant and a master.

    In the second stage of Bhakti we experience a relationship like that between two friends. The bond between friends is natural for the embodied soul because all souls have their beginning in the Supreme Person who is the friend of friends. Friends confide in each other and carry a deeper bond than that of servant and master. We view our friends as our equals and this creates a deeper kind of Love between us. If we become separated from friends we miss them very much. When a friend passes away we become very sad and we mourn them for the rest of our lives. This is the type of devotion shared between friends.

    In the third stage of Bhakti we experience a relationship like that between a child and it's parents. The bond between us and our parents is a very strong bond. This is natural for the embodied soul because after all, the Supreme Person is the Mother/Father of all the souls. When a child is separated from his parents he may go so far as to cry uncontrollably until his parents return. If a child lost his parents to death the pain may be so great the the child may develop terrible psychosis (not speaking for years, an inabilities to develop loving relationships, excessive fear of loss, etc.) This is the type of devotion felt by a child for it's parents.

    In the fourth stage of Bhakti we experience a relationship like that between a mother/father and their child. This bond is even stronger than that felt by the child for it's parents. This is natural for embodied souls because just as loving children desire to take care of their parents when the child becomes an adult, the embodied soul too wishes to care for its loving Parent. When a parent is separated from their child they may go quite mad with grief. They may even act irrationally and be willing to endure great suffering to ensure the return of their child. If the child passes away it is possible for the parent to become completely overwhelmed by sorrow and commit terrible crimes or even end their own life. This is the type of devotion felt by a parent for their child.

    The fifth stage of Bhakti is like the relationship between a beloved husband and wife. This is the highest form of love shared between the embodied soul and the Supreme Person. It is natural because it is the first and final state of all things as the Supreme Person is the sole Beloved of all the embodied souls. In this state the Lover and the Beloved merge into one single consciousness and the divine Bliss is experienced always. Saints possessed of this Divine Bliss find it completely overwhelming. They tend to cry out in devotion and become stricken with uncontrollable fits of loving tears. They become so absorbed in the Supreme person that separation become impossible. Even after countless incarnations these souls still can not be drawn back under the influence of His Divine Maya, which covers all things. The Yogi immersed in the ocean of Divine Love for the Beloved becomes ananyata (single minded) and perceives his Beloved in all things. When a lover is separated from his beloved he becomes so grief stricken that he may not have the ability to preform even the simplest of task, such as eating or sleeping. There have been cases of one losing their beloved to death and dying shortly after without exhibiting and physical symptoms. There have even been cases where after losing their beloved, people have died exactly one year to the date (the past year having been spent in mourning).

    When one reaches this final stage of Bhakti, the Supreme Person is perceived not only as our Beloved but as our Child, Parent, Friend and Master. A servant cannot perceive his master as his friend, parent, child or beloved because they are not any of those things. A servant may only view his master as just that, his master. A friend may view his friend as his master if he feels subservient to him but he may not perceive him as his parent, child or beloved. A child may view their parent as a friend or master but never as their own child or their beloved. A parent may perceive their child as their master, friend, or parent (in the case that we as adults may be taught many things by a child's innocence), but may never perceive their child as their beloved. However one often perceives their beloved as their master, friend, parent, child as well as their beloved all in one.

    It is important to understand the necessity for these stages of Bhakti. One should never attempt to initiate a relationship with the Supreme Person right at the final stage of Bhakti, as this is not possible. If the embodied soul naturally experienced this strong devotional love for God then we would all be liberated souls and all would naturally abandon their worldly conventions and only do Krishna devotion. The only form of love we experience naturally at first is the love of a servant for his master because in the physical body the soul is naturally subservient to the Supreme God. As our love for God increases we gradually pass through these stages increasing our devotional love for our Divine Master, Friend, Parent, Child and Beloved Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

    If we immediately tried to manifest our love for God as that of one towards their beloved it would be hypocritical. A man and a woman may meet and immediately experience strong feels for one another (prompted by past sanskaras) but it takes time and a lot of work before they begin to view each other as beloved. Nurture your Love for the Supreme Person Sri Sri Radha Krishna and in due time the experience of Absolute Divine Bliss will come through the medium of Ananyata (Single Minded Devotion). With this in mind may all who read or hear this Divine Nectar called Bhakti Yoga be engaged in constantly increasing their perfect Love for Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

  • ilovekrishna September 2008
    I have heard these sayings from Kripalu Ji's TV program. I appreciate your descriptive response as well.

    I believe that when the love flows it knows no boundaries. I think that a knowledge which lets you evaluate your love for the God, actually becomes more of mechanics than the love itself, because you keep on evaluating yourself that on which stage you are on.

    My heart knows that I have spoken to lord as a Father and or mother, I have felt him in my son, I have felt his presence in many unique ways. I heard somewhere that every human being has a unique relationship with God, and I believe it to be true.

    All, I know that to feel that bliss is by loving him, by dedicating yourself to him, may it be in anyway.

    I have not read scriptures, but that is what that came straight from my heart. I may be wrong.
  • ADIT February 2009

    me and my lord krishna
    About 2 years back i was a Shiva bhakta and i dint care abt krishna
    but one strange day my father brought home bhagvad gita
    :D .....when i read it i thought that krishna is the only aim of my life
    and of the lves of the billions of people
    we must devote our souls to him only then we can attain salvation
  • drsudhir March 2009
    What a lovely dream and HIS WAY of changing ones life to come to HIM.
    Please do let us all know your other experiences.
    I hope I could love HIM an iota of what you do.