Theory should become practice incase of God
  • dattaswami February 2009
  • vishtharaj September 2009
    Hari bol.

    This is an excellent message. No matter reading lots of Spiritual books or listening to stories alone is not enough. Putting them to action is the most important part. If we fail there, we should keep making attempts. For the most part, many of us fail initially. But if we keep on practicing it little by little, we will become perfect. I guess that is the reason why God has given us humans brains /thoughts and almost 100years of life time. Brains keep listening to Hari kathas and thoughts drive u into Krishna Conciousness although it cannot be achieved at a very small amt of time. Make repeated attempts, u have almost approximately round 20-50yrs of lifetime infront of u to become perfect before ur soul can reach Krishna. I am sure every attempt u make, Krishna will make u attain the next level and make u more perfect than before.

    Thanks for this most important message.

    Radhe Krishna.
  • Govind Joshi November 2009