please help me out in executing devotional service
  • ADIT February 2009


    1. please tell me how can i always remember lord krishna?
    2. how can i leave some of my bad habits/
  • I suggest you buy a copy of the Sri Caitanya-bhagavata from this URL: and read it all the time. I am on my third reading. It is so interesting and so full of nectar that you will always be remembering.

    Bad habits are very hard to break. If you move into a temple and have full-time Vaishnava association, you will then find it easy to change. Otherwise, it it difficult. Just read the Caitanya-bhagavata and try your best in all areas of your life. Remember, your worst day as a devotee of Lord Krishna is far better than the best day as a 100% karmi. In my life there was a time when I did not even know who Lord Krnsa was. So I can easily remember living in total ignorance.

  • smuga July 2009
    hello dear , u can always remember Krishna by chanting his song,
    it is the very basic bhakti to the lord, make yourself happy with his name, and feel satisfied with his name only, i think that is the fastest way to get into lord Krishna

    about bad habit , hmm , i think u should just follow instruction above, Lord Krishna himself will keep u self safe , Krishna love make people able to throw away their bad habits, all we need is patience and a never ending spirit
  • vishtharaj August 2009
    The best way to remember Krishna is to start connecting with him. How can you connect with him? By talking to him. When will u go and talk to him (initially..) when u have sadness or sorrow in ur life. Thats the best or easy way to make friendship with him. So i am sure u have atleast one small sadness in ur life in some form (I wish u dont have even that by totally surrendering to Krishna). Now go to Krishna and cry out the fact that is making u sad. Keep crying everyday as u would cry to ur best buddy. Make a vow to Krishna that if he clears this sorrow of urs, u are going to chant some sloga of his daily. Keep talking to him and crying to him repeatedly. He will definetly respond. You will definetly realise that at one point. Once u realised this, u r never going to forget him. Simaltaneously, try to listen to Krishna stories (upanyasas) on a daily basis. It is hard to connect to him by merely reading a book (i mean to say not an easy task for everyone). It could be best understood if we listen to someone talk about him.

    Incase by Krishna's grace, u dont have any regrets in ur life, just have a Krishna photo readily available to u at all times and keep looking at the foto and talk to him abt all the things that are happening in ur life. This will be a very great and helpful habit to get more close to him. Try this out and let me know if this helped you. Because this is what i am doing and Krishna has taken me to different heights in my life. Totally it was all bcos of Krishna I know that.