Shrimad bhagvad the easiest route to salvation
  • ADIT March 2009
    Hearing or reading the shrimad bhagvad is the easiest way to salvation..
    Shri parikshit ji (grandson o the great devotee arjun) attained salvation just by hearing the great shrimad bhagvad

    this great book is not just a wonderful source of knowlege but the supreme lord himself.

    It is said that once lord brahma weighed the shrimad bhagvad in a balance
    on one side he kept the results of all the pious activities,chanting,etc...
    And on one side he kept the shrimad bhagvad itself.

    The result----

    the shrimad bhagvad was heavier.. He concluded that shrimad bhagvad was the spiritual lord himself

    so we all must devote atleast some time from our daily routine to hear the wonderful and spiritual pastime o the lord.....
  • vishtharaj August 2009
    I totally agree with you. SriMad Bagavatham especially if you hear it out of the mouth of Sri Sri Krishna Premi swamigal, its like Krishna himself reciting HIS story to you.