Balance in dualism attributes
  • smuga July 2009
    Lord Krishna say in Githa that we must stay calm between dualism in this world ,
    ex : happy x sad , praise x mock , like x dislike , one should undestand what is his / her truly needs , me myself find this thing difficult when someone ask question about likeness or dislikeness , those question took me long time to answer ,because i have no interest in anything else but Krishna, i love krishna , and i satisfied already with Him , but others people couldn't understand this and get mad , now i need your opinion as a fellow devotee of Lord .

    my humble gratitude

    Jai Shri Krishna
  • You are truly a blessed soul, who is in constant touch with krishna. That is a great blessing !

    From your experience can you please tell me how one can remain at his optimum energy levels, always ?

    Jai Sri Krishna
  • smuga July 2009
    well , i wonder how just a moment ago , till i open this forum and found u ask the same question , from my experience , we need at least 10 minute a day for us to pray to the lord , this special moment will recharge our Krishna energy into optimum level, we can feel this sensation , truly i feel happier , more calm ,more focus and become more kind , and the most incredible ones is i can sing His name in my heart for a day long non stop , as Krishna bless us for remembering His name always , what can be more powerfull than that ?

    Give your comment my dear , i feel truly happy when discussed about Krishna ,so much peace and happines

    Jai Shri Krishna !
  • vishtharaj August 2009
    Hari Om!

    To me how i am trying to practice this duality is -- i am not saying i am 100% there but i am atleast practicing it -- by listening to lots of Hari Kathas or upanyasams. I speak Tamil and to me the upanyasams in Tamil reach my heart and mind very well. I dont really have the time to sit and read Bagavath Gita or Bagavatham, but i have mp3 players/ cd players etc and keep listening to lots of upanyasams by some of the best people in the field. I hope you might have all heard about KrishnaPremi swamigal (again folks in south India should be aware of him). All his upanyasams are like Krishna himself is talking at the other end. So likewise i am sure there are lots of mahans around who keep giving discourses on Bagavath Gita, bagavatham, Ramayanam etc in your language. I highly recommend listening to these Upanyasams daily definetly cleanse your soul and make you achieve this duality. Try it and let me know.

    Radhey krishna