Which is hard - Practicing Bakthi during sorrow or happiness
  • vishtharaj September 2009
    Radhey Krishna!
    Being Krishna's devotee, i know that i need to treat sorrow and joy alike. But when i get sorrow, its very hard for me to practice Bakthi. All that i do is go and ask Krishna repeatedly why you give me this sorrow. You know that we both have a great connection. Why do i have to undergo this suffering. I dont lose hope in Krishna. But i am not able to enjoy Him as much as how i would when my mind is not disturbed by sorrow. I know that i need to mature. Please bakthas help me see Krishna alike in both happiness and sadness.
    I would treat your responses as if it were directly from the mouth of Krishna.

    Jai Sri Krishna.
  • Rohit October 2009
    My dear friend,
    dont think that sorrow comes because Sri Krishna doesnt care for us.in fact i think it is a clear sign that he loves us very much.you see,he doesnt want us to be engrossed in the material world filled with selfish people.sufferings are his way of telling us to let go of all mundane emotions of ego,anger,hatred etc.believe me i too suffered a lot,but i have improved manifold each time,because i hold fast to the belief that he puts his bhaktas in these situations for their ultimate benefit.remember gold becomes pure only if it passes through fire.you are that gold..i hope this helps you.
    May all happiness and prosperity be upon you..never fear,he is always there very near to you.that is the truth.love him whole heartedly.dont make room for doubts..:)