My Journey to Sri Krishna
  • Rohit October 2009
    Let me be honest with you.before june 2008,i was a materialistic person.i used to think money was everything.due to ill influences i used to think that the modern trends alone were true.then a misfortune took place.the girl i was committed to cheated on me.i was rendered heartbroken and depressed. a whole month went by.i was cranky and moody.then my mother gave me a small paper which had the mrityunjaya mantra.i started reciting it whole heartedly. but i always adored lord sri krishna since i was very small.but it was never fully manifested. i chanted so many prayers and mantras,from vishnu sahasranama to gopala mantra.slowly by slowly my love for sri hari increased.then i became curious to learn more.then by the grace of narayana,i got access to various upanishads,puranas and the writings of sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa(which helped me a lot).i read them with deep concentration many times again and again.but of course side by side it was supported by my practices of pranayama and meditating on the beautiful form of sri Krishna within my heart.i then learnt about the impermenancy of this world and its accompanying miseries.the supreme truth became clearly every day.i lamented at my past foolishness but then i realized what had happened to me was in fact the greatest blessings my beloved Hari bestowed upon me. in fact now i can see his most enchanting form within my heart clearly.i cried to him opening my whole self to him.surrendering to his will i felt as though he explains many things.then i realised that sometimes sufferings are signs of his infinite love towards all of front of him no one is big or small.indeed we are all like brothers and sisters.i know for a fact that he loves us all no matter who it is.for even our physical body is hides from us our true nature.we all are a part of so sanctioned by the scriptures.and even he himself has said so that all beings are dear to him but he loves the bhakta who loves him exclusively.
    So my dear friends,it is quite clear that our duty is only towards him.Krishna is the only truth.i am happy now for what has happened.he is the one who has conquered my friends please take it from me,the joy one gets on realizing him and loving him is infinitely times superior to any mundane joy.happiness in his love is eternal,but taking joy in material objects is temporary.
    On this joy filled path,the world indeed changes in our eyes.indeed it becomes more meaningfull,joyfull and fullfilling.
    I pray to him,the one who is as dark as the raincloud.Has a charming garland of forest flowers hanging from his tender neck and hangs low as though kissing his lotus feet.His face lit up with a benevolent smile and lotus shaped eyes filled with love.i bow low and pray to that Sri Hari that he will smile upon all of us,his eternal servants.

    may all happiness and prosperity be bestowed upon all of you.

    Thank You.