help me please
  • bhargavi October 2009
    this is bhargavi. i'm basically a person who worry fr wat others think about me.all my works are gettttin succeded in dark rooms and when am asked to perform in crowd i fail.i don understand where i unable to concentrate on work when i find many learned peaple surrounded by going nervous. i don know wat stops me?.my mind is too disturbed.wat could be the best solution at the time when am feeling uneasy or uncomfortable??? mind is sticked to that issue and not at all deviated...all these irritataions making me to do loose talk and hence forth i seek ppl unncessarily and telling all my problems to them as if am going to get solution through them.i simply sont understand of how to take things light and getting too much worrid.
  • Govind Joshi November 2009
  • Govindha February 2010
  • dasanudasa108 February 2010
  • rajeshkumarrajeshkumar September 2012

    Since last 45 days i am reading some books of " Shree A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada" i bow infront on him that he provided us such knowledge.

    I visited delhi's iskcon tample along with my half knowledge from the books and i am trying my best to visit daily.
    Now since last 15 i have started chanting (Mala 108 with gomukhi),i wake up early in the morning at 4:30, after taking bath i worship Lord Shri Krishna, then i sit in front of my tample and start chanting "Hare Krishna Maha Mantra" (Same in the evening) but dhyan goes here and there.

    Kindly provide me right way of chanting and worship help me as a "GURU" as tryly said in the vedas "Guru Bin Gyan Kahan Se Laaun"

    "Krishna sharnam mum shri krishna sharnam"

    Hare Krishna