Join a live session on Holy Chant Hare Rama Hare Krishna in morning Ragas
  • anubhav February 2010

    I would like to invite all the krishna bhakts to a live online session on 'Hare Krishna Hare Rama' Maha Mantra. The session is conducted by Pt. Deepender Deepak Sharma.

    All of you are invited. It is suggested to use Headphone with an Inbuilt Microphone. Although its not mandatory but its good to have it to enjoy the session to the fullest.

    We should fill every instant of our life with this holy chant. At every moment, we have different moods and feelings. How can we mold our feelings with music ?

    Every Raga in Indian Classical Music signifies a particular mood and there is a suggested time for every Raga as well.

    What is the significance of Bhav or emotions while you chant this Maha Mantra ?

    To join this session, you are requested to follow this link.