Process of Krsna consciousness is very easy!
  • kiranasa July 2010
    Indeed it is, only IF you follow the right instructions from the right source! Krsna gives everyone according to their sincerity. In other words: You get what you deserve. As you are more sincere, you can see more truth and closer to the right source. There are all kinds of gurus out there, and none of them are wrong. They are just giving different kinds of truths to different kinds of sincere people. In other words: No any religion or philosophy is wrong or better or higher or lesser than other one, they are just different. They are different because people are different. Everyone gets what they deserve, because Creator is perfect.
    Those who are cent per cent sincere, will follow the instructions from the source, others will not. We all always have choices to make, to choose whose instructions to follow, and we choose always according to our sincerity. Since everyone gets what they deserve, then no one actually is making any wrong choices of following different instructions, they just don't get what they expect to get. We can follow Krsna's direct instructions, or follow His representatives instructions, but sometimes they are not the same, and therefore we get different result!!!

    Krsna says:
    "Focus your mind on Me, be My devotee, be My worshiper. Bow down to Me. Engaging your mind in this manner and regarding Me as the supreme goal, you will come to Me." (BG 9-34)

    "Focus your mind on Me. Be My devotee. Be My worshiper. Prostrate before Me. You shall come to Me alone. I promise you, truly, for you are dear to Me." (BG 18-65)

    This is the essence of all Vedic instructions. Just by following these instructions, one can easily become Krsna conscious and see and hear and experience Krsna Himself directly.
    You don't believe me, TRY IT!!!
    Now it is your choice to follow Krsna's instructions, or someone else's!!!
    We don't NEED to worship, glorify, pay obeisance or chant the name of anyone (guru), but Krsna. And if we do, we won't get what Krsna has promised!!!
  • rajeshkumarrajeshkumar September 2012

    (I am very new to this portal, this is my first text i am writing on this portal.)

    Very true said by "Lord Shri Krishna". be my devotee and you will find me everywhere. Lord Shri Krishna is very beautiful personality. we can't compare their beauty with anybody else.
    So friends just close your eyes, take a long breath and feel that Lord Krishna's any roop their all roop are manmohak.
    It's very easy to please lord krishna Just forget your all bad habbits and start chanting


    as soon as we all starts chanting Shri Krishna's Maha mantra. our all evils comes out from this body.

    Krishna sharnam mam shri krishna sharnam: