Bhagavad Gita 2:14
  • Govind Joshi September 2010
    Lord Shri Krishna: Oh Son of Kunti, the arrival of happiness and pain and their subsequent departure are akin to the winter and summer seasons. They arise by the interaction of the senses with the surroundings. They are not permanent. Do try to endure them without getting affected …. Bhagavad Gita (2:14)

    I am beginning to feel that I am not being affected by adverse weather as much I used to and it is such a good feeling.
    The curve of alternate happiness and pain too is getting straighter.
    All because of the Lord.
    I am so much in love. Love with Him.

    Please share your spiritual experiences in this context.

    Spiritual Seeker
  • arorag July 2012
    That's true ! As krishna says, get control of your senses with patience and once you are there, you will get free of pains and miseries .