Is death a fixed concept?
  • dattaswami1 December 2017
    Is death a fixed concept?

    Longevity can be reduced or extended by God in view of requirement of one’s services for the welfare of this world

         Every concept observed in the nature is mainly governed by the scientific phenomena of the atmosphere. In the olden days, pollution was almost absent due to lack of ambition for pleasures, which did not promote industrialization causing horrible pollution. The average longevity of people in old generations was 120 years (Purusha aayusha). Now, it is reduced to around 60 years. The cause for such pollution is heavy industrialization, contamination of food grains with chemicals of pesticides, burning ghee in fire altars, burning candle lights etc. All these reasons come under the imaginable domain. Hence, the medical science was developed by sages, which is called as knowledge related to longevity (Ayurveda). Of course, the longevity can be reduced or extended by God in view of requirement of one’s services for the welfare of this world. There can’t be mere social service without the basic spiritual service. Mere social service without basic spiritual service is just fraud as done by most of the present politicians!

    The presence of unimaginable God punishing the sinner even if he/she escapes the law here must be stressed in every step of social service. The poor people must be helped and at the same time, the reason of their poverty, which is previous sin, must be explained and its remedy must be preached to them. Then only, they will be released from poverty in the future births also and the help done to them will be properly utilized without diverting them to vices. Such social service blended with spiritual service certainly pleases God to think about the extension of one’s longevity. If the fruit of sin is in the background along with divine force, even the remedies of the medical science fail to cure the disease. If the reason is only natural, medical science succeeds and in such case the soul is also protected from all the natural reasons by God as prevention. The spiritual aspects are very important standing as the basic background of the entire nature also. The unimaginable power of God (Maaya) is always in the background of the imaginable domain (Prakruti).
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