God comes in human form for a multi-dimensional program
  • dattaswami1 December 2017
    God comes in human form for a multi-dimensional program. He preaches divine knowledge covering all humanity including atheists. Miracles are mainly for atheists alone and some atheists have been converted into theists through the miracles. God receives the services of certain blessed devotees, who had done a lot of penance with that desire.

    He selects for His service only such a blessed soul, who has done a lot of penance in the past. The human incarnation mainly comes here only to fulfill the desire of such blessed devotees. Having come to earth for that purpose, He always tries to uplift all through the divine knowledge and miracles.

    The few exceptional blessed devotees are pleased to serve the Lord personally and see the pleasure on the face of the Lord, for which they did a lot of penance for several births. This is the main purpose of the visit of God in human form to earth.
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