I am influenced by Kripaluji Maharaj
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  • May 2004
    Have you visited the link I mentioned in my first post ??
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  • December 2004
    Great to know that you also love him.

    Unfortunately I have never, ever, met him in person. Do you know of the place from where I can download the discourses of Kripalu Ji Maharaj ?

    Listening to him makes me more closer to Krishna. In this life full of chaos, if anyone listens to him, he is definitely going to experience the peace inside.
  • January 2005

    It is very nice to hear from Kripaluji Maharajs devotees. How did you hear about him? Have you visited the Barsanadham.org website. His intimate disciple Swami Prakashanandji Saraswati has started Barsanadham in Austin, Texas.

    Please guard your devotion like one would guard a lamp. A much as your longing so much he will love. I visited him in India and have visited Barsanadham.

    Any amount of longing for him is purely due to his Divine Grace. His association can be compared to a man on a ladder only on climbing up can you know whats there.

    The sweetness of his association like how he often quotes for one in Divine love is " like a dumb person when asked to express in words how he enjoyed a sweet candy". It is for those who experience it.

    Your blessed soul has longed for him, may you continue great devotions.

    in his thoughts,

  • January 2005
  • January 2005
    Dear devotees,

    I have heard numerous times pravachans by the sannyasi preachers of Kriplau Maharaj and though I am a long-time follower of ISKCON, I must admit I was very impressed by their deep scriptural knowledge, sweet singing of bhajans and systematic preaching style.

    However a couple of doubts do arise in my heart as I contemplate the life of Kripalu Maharaj as I read his official biography online. Krishna mentiones numerous times in the Gita the absolute need for a guru and an established sampradaya. I dont seem able to read anywhere that Kriplau Maharaj had a guru and some have told me that he is a nitya-siddha and so doesnt require a guru, something that doesnt particularly sit comfortable with me. Anyone knows more on this?

    He appears to have been a contemporary of Srila Prabhupad, the founder of ISKCON at least in the 60s and 70s when Prabhupad was physically present. Anyone has heard what are Kripaluji Maharaj's opinions on Prabhupad, ISKCON and in general its root Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya?

    Hare Krsna!
  • January 2005
    Radhey Radhey,

    Kripaluji Maharaj, is always in bhav. These bhav symtoms are mentioned by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as tears, horripilations, choking, goosebumps etc. In his association , one can realise that he has come to do Kripa(Grace) and Kripa only he does.

    His lectures are inspiring. Yes, we cannot understand GOD or Mahapurushas but thats because we are in Maya. Maya is his deputy with her "trigunas" namely Sattvic(goodness), Rajas(Passion) and Tamsic(ignorance). Maya has two qualities Sriji says
    1 it makes us forget our relation with GOD and
    2 the other being it makes us get indulged in the world

    Maya is his energy hence very strong and powerful. He explains that it can be compared to handcuffs on a prisoner, only the person who locked it can open it but the handcuffs are not discared it put on someone else. We can ask with tears in our eyes to our beloved Bhagavan , he advises

    a) I am so fallen but you are DHEENABANDHU(lifter of fallen ones) please lift me. I am fallen but you are the lifter so please lift me.
    b) I am so sinful that I don't even want to admit that I am sinful indeed You are PATITPAVAN(redeemer of sinful souls). I am sinful but only you can redeem me.

    Maharajji's words are so wonderful and it is only his Kripa to even speak or contemplate on his words.

    Jiva, Maya and Bhagavan are eternal and have been there eternally. we have seen him in several janmas(births) Sriji says. It is only due to our ignorance we have not realised him. It is hard to understand a Mahapurusha because they report to the Spiritual government. Many have been married and done several deeds that would contradict our mayic governing law. He says that their deeds are governed by YOGAMAYA the same energy which he uses to create the world and to do his leelas.

    He quotes the example of Hanuman and Arjuna who have killed several people but had RAM and SHYAM in their minds. Their deeds were not sinful because their minds were consumed by him. We cannot comprehend their states or actions. It will be very contradictory to our material world.

    The Mahapurusha's deeds are like that, very hard to understand by our mayic minds. The often quoted analogy of Sriji is a snake curls and bends and moves around but when it goes in to it snake hole it becomes very straight and enters in. The Mahapurusha may seem to do the bodily deeds of the world but he is goverend by spiritual government, he says.

    will continue
  • mohit mehta April 2005
    Hii everybody
    This is mohit mehta from India. u would be very glad to know that i have seen Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj several times personally.He has such a Divine Personality that cannot be defined in words.Once you saw Him you would definitely forget everything. In order to know more about Shri Maharaj ji please visit His site " www.jkp.org" and you would find yourself in Divine World.
  • dr.jaya April 2005
    Namaste all. I was invited to this forum by my best friend, Premi. :D
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  • November 2005
    Hare Krishna

    Can anyone tell me, from where can I get Audio and Video recordings of Sri Kripalu Ji Maharaj's discourses
  • Pankaja dasa February 2006
  • mohit mehta February 2006
    Radhey Radhey friends

    This is Mohit Mehta from India. Gud day to all. I m a devotee of His Excellency Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj and i want some of the recent poses of Shree Maharaj ji. Would u be kind enough to sent me some of the poses of Shree Maharaj ji.
    U know that Shree Maharaj ji inagurated the Bhakti Mandir- one of His Dream Project- recently in Mangarh Dham- His birth Place.
    waiting for the reply
  • Pankaja dasa February 2006
    Dear Mohit Mehta

    Your Gurudeva says you always need a Guru.

    How come he don't have a Guru himself?

    Even Krsna accepted Guru and Gauranga.

    Which Parampara does your Guru belong/?

    Or has your Gurudeva rejected his Guru? As do the Mayavadis after they become 'God'.
  • Pankaja dasa March 2006
  • Radhe Krishna,

    Pankaja dasji, Radhe Krishna -u posted some serious allegations in they contribute -in the thread about kripalu maharaj. U may repost it here so that his devotees can answer that.

    I am neither a devotee of Kripaluji nor of ISKCON.

    I am interested in krishna Bhakthi. Discussions on krishna bhakthi.

    still exchange of hate messages takes priority over krishna talk.

    some of what I have written in the other thread, I hope I should reproduce here.

    A scriptural quote :

    "Acharyeshvapi sarveshu taratamyam vina kalau
    Shudham Bhagavatham Dharmam Jagraha"

    this means in the times of kali, dont see the differences in philosophies of great acharyas which have many differences but see the common thread in all philosophies viz., the Bhagavatha Dharmam, in spite of these differences in philosophies.

    the person who wrote about Kripalu maharaj, I love krishna said that he was Jagatguru and lord krishna himself.

    For that matter even Shankaracharya did not call himself Jagatguru. A good lot of great souls called him Jagatguru. For shri. I love krishna shri kripalu maharaj may be jagatguru. for me he is one among many gurus who preach krishna bhakthi.
    then he said he is lord krishna. that is his samskaram.

    Scriptures say

    Gurur Brahma gurur vishnu gurur devo maheshwaraha
    guru sakshath param brahma tasmay shri gurave namaha

    A perfect shishya sees the holy trinity in his guru. It is from this angle i view what is said by ilovekrishna. For that matter out of scriptural guidance every shishya view his guru as lord himself.

    coming to ur verdict that he is not guru at all.

    i am sorry to say this pankaj.

    i do not find any basis on this. this is only bias.

    honestly u tell me have u gone through even a piece of couplets penned by shri krpalu maharaj. Shri ilovekrishna have listed a good lot of works penned by maharaj. I have not gone through even a single one of them to be honest. with the same honesty i admit that having not even knowing what a person has said, it is only out of bias or prejudic or heresay u come to an opinion that kripalu maharaj is not guru.

    if u dont agree with what is written in his works, study them dispute them.

    with out making any basis for ur comment, if u simply comment, i am sorry it is simply a political statement.

    Now the question about whether every person should have guru?

    Purandara Dasa said:

    "Gurubina gulama aguvadenaja dorakuvadilla bhakthi"

    With out Guru one can not attain bhakthi

    Shankaracharya said :

    "Sareeram sorupam tatava kalatram
    ..........manaschenna lagnam gurorangri padme tataha kim ....

    Even if a person has healthy body, beautiful look and a good wife et all - what use of all these if he does not have a guru.

    Yes for any personn to progress in the path of bhakthi, he needs guru.

    Then the question arise whether all the great sants of india who guided and became guru had themselves guru as such.

    I give below a few exceptions:

    Nivruthi, Gnanadev, sopana, Mukthabai

    three brothers and one sister. Bhakthas of vittalnath in pandarpur. by names they indicate the steps to mukthi.

    The three brothers were believed to be avatar of the trinity brahma, vishnu and mahesh. In the Brahmana Agrahara after the demise of their parents, the brahmins were not even ready to give them the sacred thread ceremony. But they were exalted souls. Gnanadev was mocked by the brahmins of pandarpur when he said I see Paanduranga in all - they asked whether u see paanduranga in the buffaloe in ur front - he said yes - then they asked then whether the panduranga could recite vedas - he said - yes. The brahmin asked the janthu to recite vedas. if did not respond. Gnanadev said paanduranga please recite the vedas - it started reciting it.

    Gnanadev told them if u see buffaloe in this it would be so and behave so. I see vittalnath in all and he reacted so. For this santh vittalnath was the guru.

    Sant kabir wanted to take initiation from Raamananda. The ashramites mocked at him being a muslim and did not even allow him inside the ashram. sorrowfully on the steps of gangaghats of benaras without taking food kabir wept and slept. That day night Shriram came in the dream of Raamananda and told him that one of his bhakthas was not allowed to enter the ashram and he was humiliated. Contemplating on this Raamananda went to ganga ghats to do pratha anushtana. while stepping down the steps he felt like his foot touching a human body and he yelled "Jai sitaram". Enough, kabir woke up and started dancing saying maharaj I got my diksha and went away.

    Rather than seeing the history of a guider who provides u something, it is very important for everybody to carefully see as to what is being provided. Even if a person hails from established guru parampara but preaches something against the scriptures, there is no fun in following him. he will fall by his own weight. Even if a person does not hail from a established parampara, if he preaches something which are as per the scriptures there is nothing in following the instructions.

    because bhagawan himself has said:

    "Shruthi smruthir mamaivagya"

    The serious allegations made by Pankaja dasa about kripaluji may only be answered by his sishyas.

    But But for the sake of god, I request one all with folded hands, rather than showing sampradaya bhakthi or parampara bhakthi could we all raise above to krishna bhakthi.

    Radhe krishna
  • April 2006
    Radhe Radhe,

    Well I do not know why I have come in this forum, I have already done namaparadh by reading insults against My Beloved Guru.

    O My Guru is already watching me when I am writing this.. i can feel the pain in my veins..but maybe its like Kusang influences you more, same way this forum attracted me since it had topic of My Guru & then I am here getting involved in the talks which has nothing to do with Krishn Bhakti.

    All I can say ,its so dangerous to indulge in an insult to a Guru ( The Krishn Kripa attainer)..infact We have learned from our Guru, not to even think bad about a person who is even pretending to be a Krishn Bhakt or pretend to even be a Devotee since we cannot know his status on the ladder of devotion and as Vardraj Ji said very rightly.....Krishna do not tolerate insult to his Bhakts.
    Even Mahaprabhu Ji did not forgive Roop Goswami for even thinking against Pudereek VidyaNidhi.

    And here people are so brave to discuss Guru's??? and then claim to be intrested in Krishna.
    Infact I have been to other topics, people all around are so confused.asking each other questions....whose answer they should seek from their Guru's.........and then ingenuine people popping up and writing things which makes this forum a total scene of lousy Kusang.

    About defending allegations to my Guru ..after taking shelter to His lotus feets for more than twelve years, all i can say that if you spit on the sky.it comes to your ownself........even Budha did not get influenced by the insulting words.......so whatever maybe... My Guru personality will remain same, a total incarnation of Kirshna divine love...Other than being a fifth orginal JagatGuru.....( Check out .. what is meant by JagatGuru) HE also had one of the padvi as BhaktiYogRasavatar. but that's fo scholars and for the introduction purpose......real great thing will only be felt by the one
    who come near ( by heart) to this RasSindhu and tastes the nector of Sweet Braj Ras through His Sankirtans , Pad Vyakhya's & Unparalleled speechs ..a Sashak gets totally drenched with Krishna bhakti and is so much involved in the Krishna Naam , Gun, Leela & Dham ..which our Guru radiates through every pore of His being..............................For people's information...total Krishn Bhakti to us is as clear as pure water..no question in the world of spritiualism is left untouched by Shri Maharaj Ji and His philosphy is not out of His pocket...its all through the books of Sanatan Dharm.........whose total essence is to do Krishna bhakti...... and also He is such a dedicated Master that every of His Sadhak knows the tatvakGyan ( Theoritical knowledge of Krishn bhakti) on his tips.........we just have to do it....the Sadhana... to become practical on devotion and HE makes us do that too....Yes by the way ..i wanted to tell you all about my Guru showing magical powers....ha..ha.....yes yes HE has it...since a sinnner like me goes back in the eveing and do Naam Sankirtan ( With Radha Krishna Roop Dhyan ...remember that's the Soul of the devotion or any kind of sankirtan) in the room ..............is it not magic...........and then there are tears coming out in the craving of Lord Krishna.....when all along my life i did not do anything other than thinkng bad about others ..I was not even a seeker of krishna bhakti.....this is surely a magic..........well you can ask every sadhak ( the practical ones) of our's they will tell you magics simiar to these.....yes I have seen a very common magic which my Guru does . I saw...........when in a very cold winter days ( may be 2 or 3 deg) .my Maharaj Ji came with Asht Maha Satvik Bhav, HIS whole being was dreanced with Sweat. and He started dancing on HIS one tip toes , tears drenched His face too..and He started singing Hari Bol.....Hari Bol.. with a dance & screams which makes your heart cry out for Krishna too., He fainted many times..........I was new....and there i felt it's a magic............So check it out what other magical powers My Guru Has...
    O yes.about my Guru being a God...........and not having a long hands till the Knees..................well i wonder what kind of hands Jagannath Swami at Puri has..and whether people in this forum consider Him as GOD... so again please do not judge a Krishna Bhakt Divine self by His physcial form....there is not an ounce of difference between Krishna bhakts & Krishna Himself........................and for Krishn sake.stop discussing my Guru negatvily .....since i warn any of you who come to do this .....will be in loss of any kind of Krishn Bhakti for the ages to come.
    I am sure people who are having Guru's knows what it is......but please ban the person's who come and insult each other.
    If they do not want to come to Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj then do not come.but kindly keep your filthy minds to yourself.
    One last thing..about My Guru not having a Guru............people are so much obssessed with sampraday system that they cannot digest that any Mahapurush can come from Golak directly......when My Guru has already attained Krishna Bhakti...why will HE do a Guru again..and ofcourse HE is not going to tell you that in His previous birth I had a Guru?...just to satisfy your mind.......or to create an example....Krishna Bhakts are free to do as they wish.these do & don't do not apply on them. So if Krishna kripa seeker's do not wish to accept Him as Nitya Siddh Mahapurush.. its their own loss..since then they are not taking benefit of a Guru which is situated at highest level of Braj ras..i.e Gopi Prem ..Yes HE is Kripalu..so whatever people say.at any stage If the person surrender's to HIM with longigness of Krishna Bhaki...My Guru always embraces with open arms and graces to the levels which all of us feel is just infinite to describe.
    ......anyway note that Guru can only be the one who has already attained Bhagvat Darshan either in present body..or in previous births..no Sadhak can be designated as Guru even if he is at the last step of BhagvatPrapti.

    And to my Guru Brothers and sister..I request not to indulge much in this forum unltill it has some rules & regulations about the kind of talk.
    And above all we have our Guru with us to talk about & listen about Krishna... do not use this forum to show your infinite knowledge since it only will make you a false & superficial Sadhak..the real essence of Bhakti is in practicing it and not talking about it.
    About telling to people about our Maharaj Ji divinity...........He is like a Sun who Shines on the people of not only pure heart but also on the fallen soul ( But not on who are covered with clouds of ahankar for not surrendering to a Mahapurush who is present on earth but will sing Hare Ram Hare Krishna when that Mahapurush leaves for His Abode) .remember His attributes as DeenBandhu....and will reach by Himself or through His Pracharak's to the real seeker's of Guru or Krishna Prem.

    Radhe Radhe.
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
  • Radhe Krishna,

    Vidya dadathi vinayam vinayath yathi patratam

    Geeta is not simply to be recited. it should be implemented.

    A person learning ABCD is not qualified enough to question a person who have mastered the language.

    Radhe krishna
  • Hello Mr. Pankaj Desai...

    this is ur answer to the mail in which u wrote sumthing very nonsense about JAgadguru Shree Kripalu ji MAharaj.

    Well, i dont think that u have any fault in this. it is either because u were talking in a complete bias manner or u havenot meet Shree MAharaj ji personaaly..

    Now, if u r. bias.. i dont know why... either u r not ready to accept the truth about Him or u r in the influence of some other guru.. if this is the case, i m sorry bout u and feel pity...

    Nd if it is not the case, then i request u to please atleast once visit His asharms and meet Shree MAharaj ji personally.. only then u wld be able to feel the Divine Bliss of Shree Maharaj ji. It is not sumthing that can b explained via emails or words or some debates... It is sumthing that can only be felt and until or unless u go and visit, u wnt be able to grab that.

    Look dear, v all r human beings.. n v dont have the limit to judge whether the person is, in reality, a TRUE GURU. Even if Lord Krishna comes now, we wnt be able to judge and if we wld, then we wont accept dat and it is our human tendency...

    So i personaaly request u to please rethink about all this.. Hoping for the +ve answer. take care
  • May 2006

    I truly agree with you, personalities like "Kripalu Ji" can never be described in words, they can only be understood and experienced with an open heart
  • Radhey Radhey to all

    Z there anybody who is the disciple of Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj.... Or who has visited his Asharms... or who listens their Lectures on TV...

    If yes, i would like to make that personality my friend...

    If anybody is interested please do mail me at


    I shall be very thankful... Waiting for the answer...
  • May 2006

    I am Kaberi and I feel Maharaj ji is a great teacher and a real Guru.Love as Krishna says can take individual souls closest to Him.Kripaluji is only teaching how to love Krishna.I do not find any other reason to approach a Guru.Love is the only means and one who teaches you to Love Krishna is the best guru, a real Guru.

    Don't we know that Mirabai was not accepted by any Sampraday but she is the one whom Krishna accepted in His being?Sampraday might lead you nowhere but love for Krishna will take you to Him certainly.
  • What is an incarnation of Gauranga?

    -Incarnation- Jiva-tattva, empowered servant of God. (i.e Narada Muni). (spiritual master). Living entity (not God).

    Kripaluji claims or his followers claim he is an incarnation of God. Or is Gauranga (incarnation).

    Gauranga is not an incarnation, He is avatari (Same as Krishna). Vishnu-tattva.

    Kripaluji Maharaja is therefore Jiva-tattva, and is not God. Jiva-tattva can never become God.

    If somebody would say Kripaluji is Vishnu-tattva (complete avatara of God). This would mean God Himself has come here (with full opulences). And His form and pastimes would be taking place. (only in His dhama i.e Navadwipa or Vraja dhama).
  • Ketan Das June 2006
  • Ketan Das June 2006
  • June 2006
    I am too a devotee of Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj.
    The divine love he permeats through his speech , vision, behaviour really can make a stone hearted soul a lover of Radha Krishna. At least any lover of Krishna should see him once and take his grace.
    He is a Mahabhagavat in our human vision. Devotees are there who feel the divinity of Radha Krishn in him.
  • ajitpanda June 2006
    Boliey ladali lal ki jay!!!
    Its great to read all those stuffs abt our beloved maharaji......jagadguru shree kripalu ji maharaj.....
    and wat to say i have no proper words for him.....

    Shyam milade.....
  • June 2006
    Last weekend we were at Shyama Shyam dham in Bhubaneshwar.We spent the best moment of our life there.Anyone who attends the Satsang of Braj Chakori didi(a pracharika of Maharaj ji),I can bet no one would enjoy or like any other place.I wonder what blessings the divine sould enjoy who have seen or heard Maharaj ji at least once.
    The bhajans can make you cry genuinely for God.Maharaj ji is not and can not be a human being.
  • June 2006
    Yes, I suppose his guru is "Lord Krishna" himself. Who has given him immense knowledge and has blessed him in many ways !. Without experiencing him, it is really hard to understand the kind of devotion he has and the kind of service he is actually doing.

    Does that mean if a guru who has a human guru is not "MAYAVADI" ?, does that having a guru makes you pure and devoted ?, if yes, then please have a look at the history.
  • June 2006

    I am Happy to see you Pankaj, still pursuing this topic so closely, Ha ..Ha.. , HE is already getting to you,..Even the constant negative thoughts for Shri Krishna gave liberation to many souls and the affect is same in case of Mahapurush's too.
    It seems you really care for Krishna & HIS Devotee's and somehow want us to understand that Our Guru needs to have a Guru to become a Guru!!.,and which is actually true for all practical purpose of attaining Shri Krishna
    But Panjkaj I sincerely hope that someday you will understand what Mahapurush’s are and there ways. By reading too many things as a theory, you have obviously blocked your mind to the things which are practical and i.e. pure Bhakti. We have told many times that Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj is a Nityasiddh Mahapurush, like Lalita Vishakha Sakhi's , there love for Krishna was not inspired one but a natural phenomenon.
    We need Guru to inspire love for GOD within us since we are attached to Maya, but Nitya sidh Mahapurush's do not need this inspiration because there every beign is already Krishnamay. Ofcourse they may choose to make a Guru just to set an example , however these rules of do's and don't do not apply on them and likewise on Krishna

    There are ways defined in Shastra to identify a BhagwatPrapt Mahapurush's . In anycase they cannot be identified by our materialistic wisdom. However since hardly any human can see the divine qualities without experiencing them, GOD has graced us with many practical ways and logical ways to judge them ...like by seeing a smoke you can sense that there is a fire.
    By just discussing in this forum and by screaming our heads off that Our Guru is a Rasik saint of Samartharati Gopi class, will not make you understand. You need to do practical devotion , clean you heart from maligning thoughts for not only a devotee but also for real Devil's too, then only the light of Shri Maharaj Ji can shine on you.

    We call HIM Shri Krishna Himself due to the saying of Shri Krishna... "AcharyaMaam Vijani ..............na martya budhyasuyate sarvedevmayo Guru" in which Lord says that He Himself is there in the form of a Guru.

    I am happy to read that you have gone through some of HIS theories which are Gem of Veda & Bhagwat.
    However I advise you that if you are really devoted for Krishna Bhakti then pursue your path and your Guru.
    Hope you will really acquire Krishna's Grace

    With Well Wishes

    Radhe Radhe
  • July 2006
  • Mahapurusua is still classed as Jiva-tattva
  • July 2006
    If someone can make you "Love Krishna", that is the best thing can happen. The purpose remains the same however.
  • rakeshsingh2 September 2007