Kripalu maharaj and the Vaisnavic samparadaya
  • January 2005
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    Dear devotees,

    I have heard numerous times pravachans by the sannyasi preachers of Kriplau Maharaj and though I am a long-time follower of ISKCON, I must admit I was very impressed by their deep scriptural knowledge, sweet singing of bhajans and systematic preaching style.

    However a couple of doubts do arise in my heart as I contemplate the life of Kripalu Maharaj as I read his official biography online. Krishna mentiones numerous times in the Gita the absolute need for a guru and an established sampradaya. I dont seem able to read anywhere that Kriplau Maharaj had a guru and some have told me that he is a nitya-siddha and so doesnt require a guru, something that doesnt particularly sit comfortable with me. Anyone knows more on this?

    He appears to have been a contemporary of Srila Prabhupad, the founder of ISKCON at least in the 60s and 70s when Prabhupad was physically present. Anyone has heard what are Kripaluji Maharaj's opinions on Prabhupad, ISKCON and in general its root Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya?

    Hare Krsna!
  • January 2005
    Revealing the Divine literature and being honored as supreme Jagadguru of this age

    On the request of the devotees, Shree Maharajji documented the devotional philosophy of Krishn love “Prem Ras Siddhant” in 1955. He called for one of the devotees and dictated the whole book with Sanskrit quotations of scriptures (although he had never read those scriptures). The devotee was incredibly amazed at the scriptural omniscience of Shree Maharajji.

    In October 1955 he organized a religious convention in Chitrakoot in which the prominent spiritual leaders of India and the Jagadgurus participated. Mahamahopadhyay Giridhar Sharma, President of Kashi Vidvat Parishad, had also come and was thrilled with the Divine dignity and the Divine knowledge (of the Bhartiya scriptures) of Shree Maharajji.
    Another convention was organized in 1956 in Kanpur. In the Kanpur convention the chief secretary of Kashi Vidvat Parishad, Shree Raj Narain, Shat Shastree, who was a great learned person and a popular scholarly figure of Varanasi, happened to come and listen to Shree Maharajji’s discourse. He was so overtaken with the unparalleled scriptural wisdom of Shree Maharajji that, in his speech (on the second day of the seminar) he said, “We, the scholars of Kashi, have great self-esteem of our scriptural learning. But personally what I have experienced here has opened my eyes. I feel blessed to have the opportunity of being near Shree Kripaluji Maharaj whose unfathomed scriptural wisdom and absorbment in Divine love at the same time is the authentication of his Divine excellence. I urge the congregation to recognize the Divine greatness of Shree Maharajji, listen to his teachings carefully, try to imbibe it into your life, and make your life blissful forever. It is our great luck that such a Divine personality is among us. We have to make use of this Divine opportunity.”

    When he went back home, on behalf of the Kashi Vidvat Parishad, he invited Shree Maharajji to Grace the scholars and the pandits of Varanasi with his Divine speech; and thus, Shree Maharajji went to Kashi in 1957.
    His speeches went on for seven days. The congregation had almost all the scholars of Varanasi and also many others who came from other provinces of India. They had never seen such a Divine personality who is absolutely well versed in all of the scriptures (Vedas, Upnishads, Sutras, Upvedas, Vedangas, Darshan Shastras, Puranas, Itihas, the philosophies of the Jagadgurus and the writings of the rasik Saints etc.), and, at the same time, he was humble, kind and absorbed in Radha Krishn Bhao, which radiated from his personality.
    Now, the learned pandits of Kashi Vidvat Parishad took the privilege of honoring Shree Maharajji with the flowers of their appreciation and praised their fortune to have the opportunity to worship him as the Supreme Jagadguru of this age
    . He is thus the fifth original Jagadguru in the last 5,000 years. Prior to him there were only four original Jagadgurus: Jagadguru Nimbarkacharya (before 600 BC), Jagadguru Shankaracharya (509-477 BC), Jagadguru Ramanujacharya (1017-1137 AD) and Jagadguru Madhvacharya (13th century).

    His philosophy and teachings: He did not write his separate philosophy. He accepts the Shat Sandarbh of Jeev Goswami and says that the Bhagwatam is the complete and final scriptural authority. But the most important thing which he did was the reconciliation of the differences that appear in the philosophies of other Jagadgurus and the Darshan Shastras and established the true theme of the scriptures. Thus, he removed all the philosophical controversies that prevailed for hundreds of years and for this reason the learned pandits of Kashi also called him which means the supreme acharya of this age who has reconciled the philosophies of all the Darshan Shastras.

    Shree Maharajji says that the desired goal of a soul is to receive the selfless Divine love of Radha Krishn. They are the Soul of your soul and are eternally related to you. Knowing this, you have to develop a deep desire to selflessly serve Them and love Them and strengthen your faith in Them. Keeping away from bad associations, yearningly remember Them and chant Their name and the leelas. That’s all you have to do and leave the rest upon Them. Just remember that They are yours and you belong to Them. They are most kind and causelessly merciful ; They will do the best for you.

    About five hundred years ago when the great Masters wrote their books, Sanskrit was the common scholarly language. But nowadays the social situation has changed and fewer people learn Sanskrit. So, for the convenience of the majority of the people, Shree Maharajji has revealed his philosophical and devotional books in the Hindi language.
    His writings are: Prem Ras Siddhant (the philosophy of Divine love), Prem Ras Madira (the 1008 leela songs of Radha Krishn), Bhakti Shatak (the concise philosophy of the Upnishads, Gita, Brahm Sutra and the Bhagwatam written in an easy to understand style), Braj Ras Madhuri (the chanting book), Radha Govind Geet (eleven thousand one hundred and eleven couplets of Radha Krishn leelas and the devotional philosophy), Yugal Shatak, Yugal Ras, Shree Krishn Dwadashi and Shree Radha Trayodashi. Up till now he is still revealing new chantings.
  • Keerti May 2005
    Hello Devotees!!
    I know you were questionning Maharaji, and his thoughts on ISKON, and Prabuphad. I am actaully fortunate enough to have Maharaji as my own Guru, and just spent time with in in Barsana Dham in Texas in May 2005. We look at Maharaji as an incartion of Krishna himself, and you will see this by actually being in his presence. Maharaji does not need a Guru, as he is a Guru of all Guru's, thus the name Jagad Guru was given to him. Maharaji only displays love, and divine Love to his followers, and especially Radha. Once he looks at you in your eyes, he pierces your heart with more devotion for Krishna.
    Even though you follow ISKON, its pretty much the same as Maharaji. Your only goal is to love, and give your all to Krishna! :)
  • Badri June 2005
    Yes....Thats my goal. :D
  • Pankaja dasa February 2006
    Chaitanya Bhagavata
    Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura-

    Although the sinful, hellish, Mayavadi brahma-rakshasa of Radha-desa introduced himself as Gopala to everyone, the devotees , rather than calling him Gopala, called him a false logician Mayavadi jackal. (“Those who cultivate material knowledge take birth as jackals in their next lives.”)

    Within a hundred years after the disappearance of Mahaprabhu some foolish atheists rejected their gurus and advertised themselves as incarnations of the Supreme Lord.

    Please refer to where it says the devotees. No Devotee will accept your statement.

    Vraja-press The purports of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura illuminate the text, reveal the essence of pure devotional service, and reject that which is not in strict accordance with the line of Rupa Gosvami.

    ..and translation of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura's chapter summaries and purports. [They were Originally in Bengali] Done by Disicples of Srila Prabhupada!

  • Radhe Krishna

    Pankajadasji, be polite in ur remarks. What u r supposed to oppose is the ideology of another person and not just personally insult someone. I am neither a member of ISKCON nor a member of Kripalu maharaj. If u desire to find differneces between them u can find a 100. If u desire to find similarities, u can find a 1000.

    What is needed is Krishna Bhakthi
    What is to be looked for is Krishna Bhakthi

    all else howsoever important are of simply material and not of spiritual importance
  • Pankaja dasa March 2006

    varadaraja sharma:

    Radhe Krishna

    Pankajadasji, be polite in ur remarks. What u r supposed to oppose is the ideology of another person and not just personally insult someone. I am neither a member of ISKCON nor a member of Kripalu maharaj. If u desire to find differneces between them u can find a 100. If u desire to find similarities, u can find a 1000.

    What is needed is Krishna Bhakthi
    What is to be looked for is Krishna Bhakthi

    all else howsoever important are of simply material and not of spiritual importance

    No Guru = No Bhakti.

    For this I has to say all those things. :roll:
  • Radhe Krishna,
    Pankaja dasji, I had been to Brindavana and visited a few ashrams over there. I found two things common in almost all ashrams. one is positive and another is negative. Positive aspect - almost every ashram indulge in Krishna Bhakthi - albeit in their own style, custom & tradition. And the negative aspect quite common in almost all ashrams I found - Every sampradaya follower almost say that theirs is the bonafide and all else are malafide. As i told u in the outset, I am neither a member of ISKCON nor one of Kripaluji. But if I add up what I heard from the two of u I get a sorry resultant product none is bonafide. Note it, this is not my opinion. I equally rever both of u for what is good in ur ashrams. And I have points of differences in both of these ashrams. Neverthless, the points of differences I perceive against u or them does not distance me from them.

    Krishna Bhakthi as different from shiva bhakthi or shaktha bhakthi or vedanta vichara - emphasises on rasika swabhava of a bhaktha.

    Politeness is the premier most vaishnava lakshana

    And Rasika Swabhava is the premier most ingredient of a krishna Bhaktha.

    What is u see in kripalu satsanga is history and geography of them or u see them with ur tinted glasses of perceived philosophical moorings.

    What I see in both of u is chemistry - the chemistry of Krishna Bhakthi - I very humbly feel - even to hear a name of lord hari atleast only once in a life time of a person - he should have been blessed by God . When I have salutations to this type of person, I can not imagine what sort of regard, I have for both of u people, who engage urself for much part of ur daily routine, in Krishna Bhakthi.

    Yes, for one thing I agree that there are bogus gurus. I agree that they misguide their followers in the name of holy scriptures. Note here strongly, they misguide their followers with the help of great scriptures like Bhagavatham and Bhagavath gita.

    But I very strongly believe in the power of Bhagavatham and Bhagavath gita. Although an X or Y guru may be bogus, his saadana vasthu, the holy scriptures are the purest. Although the guru misguides, I strongly very strongly believe that the power (Shrimad Bhagavathakyoyam Prathyaksha Krishna eva hi) that these scriptures have got would - inspite properly guide the innocent shishyas who out of ignorance took refuge of a malafide guru.

    What u have to carefully note here is not whom a shishya has approached but in what he is indulging in. If he indulges in those activities which are permitted by shasthras, he would not be doomed by the incapacity of his malafide guru. But he would be elevated to the abode of God - inspite of this negative influence of bonafide guru - by the sheer association of himself with the holy scriptures.
    Somewhere I got a collection of dos and donts prescribed - or allegedly prescribed - by the ISKCON - when they come across people of other sampradaya. I would post them in my next posting. Atleast ur attitude is different from this collection of dos and donts.

    Radhe krishna
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
    To tell my hostory, I came to Krishna by reading Bhagavad-gita by Prabhupada, before I saw Mahabharata on TV serial. When I read Bhagavad-gita as it is. My right eye flickered for 2 days [Good Luck sign]. Since then I have no been able to give up this 'Krishna'. I could have read Bhagavad-gita by any number of persons, anybody. But I read THIS version. Now I am not being funny with you nor will I lie. But slowly I am seeing that Prabhupada [whom I think people will rever as the person 'who gave people Krishna'. He has created or will in future a revolution, just like Jesus or Mohammed. This is a great time for us. Because we actually inside a time when there are recent publications of Bhagavad-gita and we have a good chance since we are here.

    Now I don't know who is pure or anything, because I myself am not pure. The only thing I have to go on is 'Truth'. Because I find truth in Iskcon [I belong to Krishna Chaitanya Mission' and Prabhupada is my Guru whether I am IN Iskcon or not. Without Prabhupada I would NEVER x 1000000000 came to KC. !

    I cannot very well force you, but in Iskcon you will find truths. But it's not a staright and narrow road indeed. You need to find who is doing it perfect. Very rare. The devotees whos serving His Guru 100% is perfect, even thought he may be inperfect, he is actually liberated. But the PURE devotee is very very very very rare. So our worship is always directed towards Prabhupada. This is going on in almost every matha [slowly but surely].

    Please reply back if I missed. :)
  • Radhe Krsisha,

    Pankajdasji, Radhe Krishna

    It is good that u r attached to lord krishna

    It is very good that u r in this effort as per the guidance of a guru.

    Krishna Bhakthi movement is an ocean. In a ocean there are always waves. waves come one after the another. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was a very big wave of this ocean. Shri prabhupada was another wave. there were and are so many waves from this ocean.

    Since u r in bhakthi, u were humble enough to admit that u r not a pure person. for that matter nobody is. but the nectar of krishna bhakthi gives u the courage to admit this truth. Further u told that u dont know who is pure or impure. another humble admission. this is further followed by the fact that u found truth in ISKCON.

    My dear friend, to be honest, please understand that truth is a perception. whether it is science or spirituality truth is always a perception. One scientific theory until it is disproved by another scientist remains the truth. But in spirituality there is no question of disproof. The basic spiritual philosophies like Advaita, Vishishtadwaita and Dwaita were debated hundreds of time and so many scholars have defeated so many other scholars. Note it clearly. I have said that scholars have defeated scholars. I have not said scholars have defeated philosophy. In Shankaracharya's time he has defeated many budhist scholars. But Budhism is still there. What is true for me and u is not necessarily true for a budhist. cause his yardstick and logic are different. u and me are veda based. they are not

    then how about groups under the same umbrella of vedas.

    u told about Bhagavat gita as it is written by Shri Prabhupada. To be honest, I tell u so far I have not read any commentary on Bhagavath Gita written by any sant.

    Still I strongly believe that bhashyas written by Shankaracharya, ramanujacharya and madwacharya were also Bhagavath gita as it is and they were not injections of their philosophies. For that matter so many other great souls like Gnanadev, Gopala Krshna Gokale and many people written commentaries on Bhagavath gita. Not one commentary is an injection. They are Bhagavath gita as it is for those who have written them and for those who follow them. This is again a truth.

    I give a quote from a scripture

    "Acharyeshvapi sarveshu taratamyam vina kalau
    Shudham Bhagavatham Dharmam Jagraha"

    this means in the times of kali, dont see the differences in philosophies of great acharyas which have many differences but see the common thread in all philosophies viz., the Bhagavatha Dharmam, in spite of these differences in philosophies.

    the person who wrote about Kripalu maharaj, I love krishna said that he was Jagatguru and lord krishna himself.

    For that matter even Shankaracharya did not call himself Jagatguru. A good lot of great souls called him Jagatguru. For shri. I love krishna shri kripalu maharaj may be jagatguru. for me he is one among many gurus who preach krishna bhakthi.
    then he said he is lord krishna. that is his samskaram.

    Scriptures say

    Gurur Brahma gurur vishnu gurur devo maheshwaraha
    guru sakshath param brahma tasmay shri gurave namaha

    A perfect shishya sees the holy trinity in his guru. It is from this angle i view what is said by ilovekrishna. For that matter out of scriptural guidance every shishya view his guru as lord himself.

    coming to ur verdict that he is not guru at all.

    i am sorry to say this pankaj.

    i do not find any basis on this. this is only bias.

    honestly u tell me have u gone through even a piece of couplets penned by shri krpalu maharaj. Shri ilovekrishna have listed a good lot of works penned by maharaj. I have not gone through even a single one of them to be honest. with the same honesty i admit that having not even knowing what a person has said, it is only out of bias or prejudic or heresay u come to an opinion that kripalu maharaj is not guru.

    if u dont agree with what is written in his works, study them dispute them.

    with out making any basis for ur comment, if u simply comment, i am sorry it is simply a political statement.

    I dont know abut bhavath gita

    In Bhagavatham i have read about "Bhagavathas"

    They are defined as "Shantaha samadarshinaha"

    one should be with peace of mind and be loving.

    to be humble is a virtue.

    swadosha parichayam is better than paradosha nirnayam.

    pinpointing at another is not a virtue

    degrading other that to without basis i am sorry is not a virtue of a sadhu.

    if I have written any thing wrong kindly let me know

    Radhe Krishna.
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
    Your right we shouldn't try to find fault in others. Rather we should try to see faults in ourselves. Kripaluji Maharaja is very devoted to Krishna in his own way. And I wish him luck.

    But in India the parampara system has been followed since time immerial. Kripaluji sees it fit to not follow such a Sampradaya. And as you know I belong to Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya, we don't consider the people who think 'they are God' devotees of the Lord. They have mixed Bhakti I hope you understand my point of view. Next time I will say it with less anger. Please forgive me.

    You said you have never read Bhagavad-gita. I beg you to reconsider. It is the abc of knowledge. Reading it will open up many doors for you.

    If you don't know where to read it. I made a site for people such as yourself:

    I am no expert in this science. But the message of Lord Krishna has to be read to find out what is the truth. Krishna says you must accept a Guru to know Him. And He says when He comes etc. We as humans love to speculate on the Lords words. That is why so many people go away from God. But in this Ages Prabhupada has given this Bhagavad-gita which is very easy to understand in plain English. For the Scholers or Scientists.

    Unless we follow this message [accepting Guru, in Parampara] After all Krishna came to re-establish the broken Parampara System. So unless you goto this same Parampara how will you know it's message? It's not possible. Please read I hope you do.

    Your servant
    Pankaja dasa[/url]
  • Radhe Krishna,

    Pankaj dasji, Radhe Krishna

    I dont know whether kripalu maharaj calls himself god or not. As such being not knowledgeable about the facts, it would be wrong on my part to comment upon it. As a follower of scriptures, i too cant digest the fact if a person claims himself as god. if u have read carefully what i said - i plainly said - a shishya should right royally - as instructed in scriptures should consider his guru as personification of god. I quoted the shloka for that also.

    Then about the parampara. For this also again i should quote back what i said :

    "Acharyeshvapi sarveshu taratamyam vina kalau
    Shudham Bhagavatham Dharmam Jagraha"

    In the age of kali, dont dwell upon differences in the philosophies of different acharyas, which are by nature so, but see the common aspect preached by all acharyas, viz., the "Bhagavatha Dharmam" which is common in all sampradayas in spite of the philosophical differences of acharyas.

    Regarding parampara also I am so sorry to state this. As I told u i visited many ashrams in Brindavan and what I found. The obsession of ashramaites about their paramparas - ( I was about to use a phrasology which may be offensive - god saved me from this unsavoury indulgence) - I felt ( God forgive me if i am wrong) their parampara bhakthi was superior to krishna bhakthi. As a person belonging to other sampradaya, what I wished to observe was how beautifully they worship lord krishna in their own parampara - in their own tradition - but what I got in return was - first how all other traditions in and around vraja - malafide - and how their ashram was bonafide - By nature I see only the krishna bhakthi in another krishna bhaktha i interact with and try to learn if i can improve upon myself. So these disputes about - bonafide - malafide - i am exhausted - i just came out from those places in silence. It does not mean I came across only such type of people. Ofcourse in many places they also eagerly shared how i worship and shared how they worship. But these experiences are much much less for me.

    I have read so many debates about paramparas in many other sites like gaudiyadiscussions, krishnapremonmada etc., - many people discussed in these sites with evangelical bitterness about the superiority of their sampradaya and inferiority about other sampradayas.

    But in all these debates - one aspect of conspicuously and sorrowfully missing - that is the most beautiful ever sweet avyaja prema sagara shri krishna. what i found in all those debates was the awful knowledge of those debaters and the depth of their studies. but not krishna. for krishna cant be find where there is brain but where there is heart.

    this is amply demonstrated in Shrimad Bhagavatha.

    Lord krishna's kainkaryapara - Shri Udhava found that krishna although was outwardly happy was internally monotonously thinking of something. One day he asked krishna what was the matter. The lord shared that he was always thinking of Gopis of Vraja who were his nirvyaja bhakthas and he said he always think of them and contemplating about the fact that the gopis are suffering from his farness. Udhava told that he would go to vraja and shower them with the knowledge of philosophy and give them peace of mind. Udhava reached vraja. Interacted with gopis. the interaction is rendered in pranaya geetha. "Madhupa kithava bando"in Bhagavatha purana. After that rather than giving sermon, he tells (rather i feel yells)

    "Vande nanda vraja sthreenam pada renumabhikshnasaha"

    meaning he cries that i would be a better kainkaryapara of lord if i could get the prasad of the gopis charanaduli. When he came back to lord - Udhava wept and paid his obeisance at the feet of lord.

    my dear krishna bhaktha friend, I humbly submit to u that the debates about the parampara and sampradaya are submerged in history which itself is already submerged in dispute. Even if a boy fell from the steps of his house an hour back, there would be many many versons as to how he fell each contradicting the other. Then the events of history which happened hundreds of years back have hundreds of versions. Ofcourse these may be of interest to historians or people who want to pursue knowledge on philosophy. Ofcourse i still do not find fault with these attitudes. It is their interest and they are pursuing it. If u want philosophy - so the lord gives u. If u want history - so the lord gives u - if u want the parampara so the lord gives u . but if u want bakthi - god does grant u this boon - but not so easily like other things - cause this is more precious than all else.

    I dont know whether u have read the life and times of nivruthi, gnanadeva, sopana, mukthabai, kabir, rahim, raskan who albeit not belonging to any sampradaya - still loved god - and believed to have reached his abode.

    All this my dear friend - i have not written - that u deviate from ur sampradaya. Rather I would be very happy that u strongly get attached to ur sampradaya.
    cause I view every sampradaya like many flower pots in the garden of krishna bhakthi each giving different types of fragrance.

    neither I find anything wrong if one is obsessed with sampradaya. i find it as a guna and not as a dosha. Even finding differences in other sampradayas from one's own i can digest it since it boosts one's attachement to one's sampradya.

    But degrading another sampradaya or looking down upon another sampradaya, my friend, although I would never say don't indulge in it - I for my love of lord would surely say that - i can't digest that.

    "Pathithaha skalithascharthaha kshuthvava vivasho bruvan
    haraye nama ityuchaihi muchyate sarva patakath"

    in twelfth adyaya of twelfth skanda of Shrimad Bhagavatha, it is said that however fallen a soul may be - if he simply chants haraye namaha - he would be absolved of all his sins.

    I always try to be humble - my dear friend - but had i said anything which - even if unintentionally could hurt another krishna bhaktha - i have no hesitation to render my unconditional apology.

    may the sweet krishna bless me and all with krishna bhakthi.

    Radhe Krishna
  • Radhe Krishna,

    Pankaja dasji, Radhe krishna,

    There was a mistake in the last posting. I gave the name of geetha as "Pranaya Geetha" . I beg ur pardon. It should have been "Bramara Geetha". In the vyaja of speaking to bramara, gopis are giving sandesha to Udhava. Every shloka in this geeta has three purports. That what gopis say to the Bramara (Honey bee); what they say to Udhava and what they convey to lord Krishna.

    Regarding ur information about Bhagavath Gita. My friend, I highly rever Gita since these are the words of my lord. But my obsession with Shrimad Bhagavatham is so much so much - what can I say - i again and again and again and again wish to read this talk about this and hear about this.

    Neverthless, when i am blessed surely i would go through gita.

    Radhe Krishna
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
    From another forum:
    He is the same "Jagatguru" who has been charged with rape. The case went to the Indian Supreme Court (!) and was referred back to the Nagpur Bench for re-trial. On April 1, 2006 the Nagpur Bench issued a warrant for his arrest!

    In reff to Kripaluj Maharaja, who is meant to be Jagat Guru. No idea if it is true or not. But he dresses as a Sanyasi but has a Wife and 2 children who STAY yes, stay with him. I guess he must have mystic powers aquired from mixed Bhakti. But because he has no Guru, He doesn't realize what to do;. That is the result of having no Guru.

    Hare Krishna, didn't want to put this here, but it will benefit others.
  • Radhe Krishna,

    Pankaj Dasji, Radhe Krishna,

    It was startling to read about ur revealetion. I basically belong to south India and I hope Shri Kripalu Maharaj stays put in Vraja Dham itself. Regarding mundane events, I read newspaper headlines only. To be honest, this is the first time I am hearing something in this way about him and what is said is without source. I do not know whether this is correct or not. In this kali yuga worst things happen everywhere.

    Be it ashram of Kripaluji, Shankaracharya or even ISKCON for that matter. I read newspaper headlines of allegations of worst kind. But I have nothing to do with personalities. I am concerned about the content. If a few persons of ISKCON got mired in controversies, taking that as a basis, If I ignore ISKCON, it is not a looser. Rather I would be, since I would be not simply loosing ISKCON but my beloved contents like Haribhakthi Vilasam, Bhakthi Rasamrtha sindhu, Gopala Champu et al.
    Sameway, although I have not read any works of Sri kripalu, since they are in Hindi (Which I dont know) - if there are contents - if they even if remotely help me there is nothing wrong.

    By god's grace he has given me the guna of madhupam. Whereever i go whomever i meet, what i try to grasp - radhakrishna yugalam - Krishna bhakthi - like a madhupa takes only honey from flowers - .

    and how about the power of Bhagavan Nama : Shukacharya says

    "Kiratha hoonandhra pulinda pulkasaha
    aabira kanka yavanaha khasadayaha
    yenyecha paapa yadupashrayashrayaha
    shudhyanthi tasmai prabha vishnave namaha"

    The power of hari nama - it has such power that it cleanses any fallen soul.

    Pardon me rather than talking the bhagavath gunaanubhavam I wastely talked about mundane things. let me atleast conclude on a sweet parable.

    Hanuman after meeting seetha at ashokavana submitted with humbleness the choodamani given by jaganmaatha. The prabhu with tears in his eyes took it from hanuman. Embracing Hanuman, Prabhu said, "Hanuman, the sort of Upakaara u have provided me - I dont know how to repay it. The help u have rendered me - whatever boon I give u would be lesser compared to the help u hav rendered.I cant get a kainkaryapara like u."
    Hanuman replied back with tears in his eyes. Prabhu, if u just give instruction - u would get thousands more kainkaryaparaas who are more capable than me - But can I cant get another prabhu like u.

    My dear friend, if anyone like to discuss about controversies, may be one can write hundreds of pages. But to discuss about Bhagavath gunaanubhavam crores of pages would be insufficient.

    Could we discuss about the chemistry of bhakthi rather than about history of preachers. cause history is full of bitter facts and one would simply end up with throwing mud on each other in the end gaining nothing. But the discussion on God would make both the parties beneficial.

    Radhe Krishna
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
    Do you have a Guru ?
  • Yes
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
    What is the name.?
  • Radhe Krishna,

    I am sorry for my one word answer.

    I felt sort of impoliteness in the question whether u have a guru?

    Again i repeat that is what i perceived. That may not be intended from ur side. What u intended u better know.

    from my part i was impolite in giving a one word answer. Sorry for that.

    I am from south india.

    I am quoting below not out of pride but as a matter of fact the following shloka from padma purana :

    "Utpanne dravide saham vriddhim karnatake
    Kwachith kwachin maharashtre gurjare jeernatham gathihi"

    Bhakthi devi who was wery weak tells to Narada, I was born in Dravida and grown in Karnataka - thereafter living for sometime in maharashtra i almost lost my strength after reaching Gujarath in this kaliyuga.

    I belong to Tamil Nadu from where great saints and great poets both in samskrutha basha and tamil basha hailed

    yes I have a guru.

    I do not know much about Kripaluji or ISKCON. Neither am i interested know anything about the history of the organisations.

    Yes I am very much interested to share how in the land krishna born people worship him. I have shared this thing with vey much souls. neverthless I always search for learning the bhakthi experience of krishna bhakthas.

    From the life and times of shrivaishnavas I learn their single minded devotion to their gurus.
    From my friends who are doing somachara shaktha upasana I learn their single minded devotion of their Japa sadana
    From whichever ISKCON temple I went i always enjoyed their Nama Sankeerthana
    From my friends who are in Bhajana sampradaya in south India, I enjoyed cutting across languages how great sants of India has sung in different languages the praise of god - in tamil, telugu, kannada, samskrutha, marathi and hindi

    I am deeply embedded in my sampradaya (Smartha sampradaya) - which is categorised as apasampradaya in ISKCON sites. I am a smartha vaishnava. There are also smartha shaivas, smartha shakthas and smartha skantdas. Neverthless I have no grudges. I have confidence in me which is strengtheed by anushtanas I observe and I always try to practice sadhu lakshana @ vaishnava lakshana the practice of whch is motivated by my guru on observation. With whom ever I spend time, try to seek whether that would improve my krishna bhakthi. Whereas my guru himself has composed in samskrutha basha more than a lakh shlokas in almost every other form of samskrutha literature, he encourages us to know about krishna bhakthi as practiced by other krishna bhakthas. There are many sahrudaya bhakthas I have met. I have met many krishna bhakthas who are not sahrudaya. But still I found almost in every bhaktha there is something to learn.

    Wherever I find a krishna bhaktha, I enjoy talking about krishna leelas and about bhakthas.

    Thats me. I should thank u for giving me an opportunity to trace an avaguna - named irritation embedded in my mind - sure it is an obstacle in reaching my lord and reaching out his devotees. Once again thanks a lot for giving an opportunity to even know my avaguna.

    Radhe Krishna
  • Pankaja dasa April 2006
    I don't really know much about what Smarti is so much. Sorry to say.

    If you want some Krishna Katha go here:

  • Radhe Krishna,

    Panakaja dasji, Radhe Krishna,

    One small correction. It is not smarti. It is smartha - that is who lead their lives as per smrthis. And one thing whenever u learn about another learn things objectively. Learning is a process by which human beings get to know of the beauty of other species. It is not a process by which one loads -the already overloaded mind- with Kaama, krodha, moha, loba, madha and maathsarya.

    I am thankful to u for giving the name of a site from where I can get to know of bhakthi.

    Dont u think here also u can share something about bhakthi - krishna bhakthi - the bhakthi of my and your lord.

    I was very happy to see what u have written about shlokas in gita. But one suggestion. rather than reproducing what u have read in books verbatim - narrate things in ur own words - that enhances ur knowledge - that helps u store in ur mind what u have read - what is called Dharana shakthi.

    Radhe krishna
  • Dandavat Pranams I have seen Kripalu Mahraja acouple of times over the years and was not overly attracted.According to our sukriti that type of Guru we will get.Krishna is in our heart and the environment is allways favourable.Krishna knows what we want and deserve and will send us the appropriate level of vaisnava Guru.And even if our Guru is not sufficient to awaken our svarup and give us our residence and seva etc in the kunja etc when the time is right and our sukrit and sradha increase then RAdha and Krishna will send us one of their own palia dasis to take us home.
  • Radhe Krishna,

    Today is ekadashi. May I pray the yugalam that they fill the hearts of bhakthas with love who are engaged in krishna bhakthi.

    Mathuranatha dasji, Radhe krishna

    Yes, Radha krishna yugalam is in the heart of each and every bhaktha who is engaged in krishna bhakthi. Even I do not get attracted from many of the sayings of shri kripaluji. That is because of the difference in the bhava.

    But this can not become a ground for me to degrade or demean shri kripaluji, it would be as ridiculous like a high scholl student laughing at newton's theory.

    In brahma sthuthi, in shrimad Bhagavatham, Brahma says : "Sthane sthitaha". "Be where u are and as u are" rest would be taken care of by god.

    Para nindha is not sadhu lakshana.

    para vaishnava nindha is vaishnava aparadha which lord krishna never tolerates. to confirm one can read "Ambarisha Chairta" in Shrimad Bhagavatham.

    Radhe krishna
  • Sriganesh October 2006
    Hare Krishna to all Prabhujis and Matajis. All the Glories to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. I am Sriganesh and I am following ISKCON from past 5 years and I am very much inspired with the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. A few days before in Sanskar TV channel I saw the lecture of Sri Kripaluji Maharaj, it was about Love of Radha-Krishna and I was inspired a lot . But after that somebody told me that Kripaluji does not have any Guru like that. This confused me a lot because all the great Acharys Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhva and very recent Srila Prabhupada also accepted Gurus. Finally I got confused, Kripaluji has got wondeful philosophical Knowledge the why he is not having any Guru? this is my question and also I would like to know more about Sri Kripaluji Maharaj. If any one who knows kindly reply to my request. Hare Krishna.
  • dr.jaya May 2007
    This unfortunate public news has been around for the devotees to face the truth.

    Disciple accuses Kripalu Ji Maharaj of rape

    This is Kripalu isn't it?

    Swami rape charge big news in India
    Wednesday, May 23rd 2007

    'Eternal saint' awaits day in court
    Swami on rape charge has worldwide following
    Richard Charan South Bureau
  • dr.jaya May 2007
    'Hundreds waiting'
    Swami begs court to leave T&T, continue world tour
    Richard Charan South Bureau
  • HariHarDas June 2007
    Hare Krishna,

    This is a rule. All Krishna bhaktas has to face a lot of problems through out their lives.

    Hare Krishna.
  • rakeshsingh2 September 2007
    Kripalu jee maharaj is one of the best guru at present he has very deep knowledge of Veda, Bhagvatam, Puran, Ramayan upnisad ... It is very unfortunate that some of the so called devotee (like the so called Secular political parties (Congress, Left etc..) in India) has disrespect to him. The person think that Kripalu jee is a real threat to their ideology, but actually if you listen maharaj jee carefully he do not criticize any other organization. he simply talks about the Krishna bhakti.
  • rakeshsingh2 April 2008


    'Hundreds waiting'
    Swami begs court to leave T&T, continue world tour
    Richard Charan South Bureau

    Problem with some of the ISKCON devotee is that they think ONLY ISKCON IS THE PATH TO SRI KRISHNA. They in-fact say that Srila Prabhupad is the only Guru for next 1000 years, which is wrong. Sanatan Dharma had many true guru in part and will have many in future also. ISKCON is not only the true organization for Krisjna Bhakti. Sometime I see the ISKCON devotee has so much of disrespect about the other Lords (like Lord Ganesh, Durga Maa, Hanuman jee ...).

    Pure Bhakti never teach disrespect to any other Guru and Lord Ganesh, Durga Maa, Hanuman jee ... SEEMS THAT ISKCON IS NO MORE ON THE PATH OF TRU BHAKTI ESPECIALLY AFTER SRILA PRABHUPAD (A TRUE GURU) LEFT.

  • I truly agree with you.

    I have heard Kripalu Ji saying never to insult anyone and have respect for each and everyone. He even said that one should not insult even a "Rakshash".

    He teaches you to love krishna and hence love everyone.. as he is everywhere.
  • Om tatsat
    Hari Om tatsat
    Om Shanti
    Hari Shakti